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but whose? The gangs are falling apart

Paola Barale
Here's what Barale does now

Is Piedmontese showgirl pregnant?

A few minutes on the Internet circulated the news about it Paola Barale, a popular show of Foshan. Conductor and former Val de la Wheel of Fortune she could be pregnant. But whose? The name is recorded on the Internet.

Paola Barale recorded in secret, showing a suspicious stomach

Indiskretion is posted on a network with a famous blog & # 39; Alley of the News & # 39;. In more detail, this has released the video in which it is shown Paola Barale in a bridal newborn in a company of friends.

Piedmontese wore a fairly large coat, suspecting she wanted to hide her she assumed pregnancy. It must also be said that Paola is dressed in such a way as to protect against the severe cold that has so far hit our country. The fact is that Internet users do not see us clearly.

Paola Barale and Raz Degan again together?

But if Paola Barale Is she really pregnant, whose child is she? Recall that the Piedmontese showgirl has remained Raz Degan in 2015. Now the woman is happy herself even if she flew to Honduras two years ago to surprise her ex.

Is there still love between them? For a few days on the web gossip which are former model and Barale come back together. Paola, 51, will she really be pregnant?

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