Thursday , April 22 2021

forgiveness will be granted by the regions


in car tax may soon disappear forever from the minds of the Italians. An unfair tax on owning a car it could really become a distant memory thanks to the decision of the Court of Cassation. It turned out that a resolution would be passed at a time that foresees the abolition of this useless tax.

However, the decision on this affair will be forwarded to individual regions, who will autonomously decide whether to abolish, reduce or even increase the car tax, which will be to the detriment of citizens once again. In that view Cassation introduced restrictions not to be exceeded to avoid unpleasant situations at the expense of the Italians.

The merit of the proposal goes to Luca Antonini, an important judge of Cassation that they have been exposed in the past for tax abolition on cars but on vintage vehicles. Let us return to the attack, supporting the Italians in protesting against this useless payment.

even Luigi di Maio, Minister for Economic Development, declared himself enthusiastic about the proposal and supported Antonini in favor of the resolution. Despite this, we have seen that so far this tax has led to more than the Treasury 200 million euros. To say it's a quest ISTAT conducted over a period of time from 2013 to 2018.

Car Seal, goodbye: yes, but when?

In this regard, i doubts and concerns on the part of citizens. There are those who are not satisfied with this proposal and are not actually sinning in their fear. Even if the resolution is 100% approved, the car tax will not be abolished. It would be good to understand regional territorial authorities to say this over time. In this regard, we still do not know the time with which everything will be done.

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