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"Here are the documents about my father"

Di Maio: Here are the documents about my father

"Today, as promised, I publish documents that show the assumption of my father's company and related wages for the period of work. "Thus, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labor and Economic Development Luigi Di Maio withdrew from Leien on the Movimento 5 Stelle, where he took the action of the family company. with regard to the lazy ones that circulate – continues to write Di Maio – my wealth and income statements, since I am a member of parliament and since I was a minister. To view them, it would be sufficient to access the Chamber website, but due to convenience, the load on a separate file can be downloaded "on the Blog of the Star.

"I immediately publish these documents because they are immediately available, I will also announce other requests – it promises to the M5S political leader – as soon as all the necessary checks are completed." "Every transparency, always," assures the prime minister.

"You can see – it says on Facebook – how my share of participation without the function of a director or statutory auditor in Ardima has always been regularly proclaimed since 2014." To further demonstrate that the reported facts do not apply to the period in which I am a member of the company".

MAIO DONE 3 MONTHS AS MANOVALS – Fixed-term employment contract – from February 27, 2008 to May 27, 2008 – with the status of the employee and the task of an unqualified employee, salary of slightly over 1,100 euros per month, 1,354 gross: to 22 years, In this situation a very young young Luigi Di Maio is a family company Ardima costruzioni. On the star's blog, the Deputy Prime Minister – charged by the Hijene Service – publishes a number of documents relating to the case, including four wages in a few months that they saw as a worker in a company that will be donated a few years later to his sister Rosalby.

The fee is daily, the reason Di Diamon receives 164 euros in February – but in the first month it will only engage in a few days or from 27 to 29 – 981 euros in March, 1,237 euros and 1,183 euros in two months next, April and May. With this contract and the appropriate payroll, in particular, Di Maio seems to be responding to rumors of a possible black hiring of the same vice president in family business.


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