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34-45 Della Valle unlocks third quarter.

32-45 It starts again!


17.48 Serbia's dominance in the first half against Italy, winning the first 20 minutes by a score of 45-32 thanks to the bombs of Bogdanovic and Jokic and the enchanting plot. The Azzurri, despite playing with a commendable attitude, are not enough: the first half ends with 13 points behind.




32-39 Jokic collects a jump and puts another +7 under the basket.

32-37 Double figure for Belinelli.

30-37 2/2 from the band Simonović.

30-35 GREAT PENETRATION ABAS! He could shake off his blouse.

27-35 2/2 Bows off the line.

27-33 TRIPLE VITALS! Good Azzurri offensive tackle: time-out from Serbia.

24-33 2/2 Jokic off the line.

24-31 Biliga Rhythm Shot.

22-31 +9 Serbia with Marjanovic.

22-29 2/2 from Bjelica: Serbia in control.

22-27 Belinelli puts almost +3 in suspension.

20-27 2/2 Jokic off the line.

20-25 Sacchetti Second Offense: Blues in Problems.

20-25 SIMONOVIC TRIPLE! Timeout in Italy.

20-22 Div Jokic also irons cold.

20-21 The first points of Jokic arrive.

20-19 2/2 Micic: Fourth win so far.

20-17 Good penetration of gentile crushes and +3 Italy.

18-17 Guduric Troika!

18-14 1/1 great blue start.

17-14 Fly into the Iron Alessandro Gentile who also broke.


17.21 Italy Ends 15-14 First Quarter after an intensity of 10 & # 39; and a commendable attitude: a good sacrifice for the part of the Italian defense that has to find rhythm during the match. Serbia control the game, but not quite as cold under the basket.


15-14 Triple Crazy by Micic!

15-11 2/2 Della Valle from free throw.

13-11 White jumped on Weaver's pitch.

13-11 Marjanovic Leads Serbia to -2.

13-9 TRIPLE BROKS! With speed, Italy attacks.

10-9 Continuous attacks on Serbia: Italy makes the second offense in seconds.

Serbian Time Out 10-9.

10-9 HERE! FROM BELINELLI ARCH! Three-time San Antonio Spurs guard.

7-9 Belinelli finds the basket: 1/3 from the field.

5-9 Simonovic on the counter: +4 Serbia.

5-7 penetration to be examined by Belinelli who first takes the iron out of three and then fails to find +2.

5-7 Milutinov thanks Jokic's breakthrough and throws himself under the basket.

5-5 Biligha is 2/2 from the line.

3-5 Elegant Bogdanovic Set Overtaking.

3-3 After Belinelli's iron, Vitali also does not find a web of onions.

3-3 Bogdanovic counts draws from the area.

3-1 Vitali Troika! Great game of blue.

0-1 1/2 Milutinova for free throws.

0-0 Biligha makes the first foul to stop the Serbian attack.

0-0 We're heading to Athens!


16.59 Italy will play its ninth World in a few weeks, while the Olympic vice-champions will play for the sixth time in the World Cup.

16.57 Hymns are played in Athens: everything is ready in Athens.

16.56 Players will soon be taken to the field.

16.54 Marco Belinelli with 13 points and Daniel Hackett with 12 points were among the best in the match against Greece.

16.51 In addition, the Azzurri will be without Daniel Hackett, who has had bowel pain that will keep him alive today.

16.49 Less And Less At The Beginning Of The Challenge: Will Meo Sacchetti Have Consoling Answers By Belinelli & Co.

16.46 Another problem for Italy, which already has to deal with the precarious physical conditions of Danilo Gallinari and Gigi Datome.

16.44 On the Italian morning, a FIP communication came out announcing that the blue captain during world qualifiers, as well as new player Fortitudo Bologne, was left at home globally for technical choices.

16.42 For Meo Sacchetti, the situation is not the most favorable: as they wait to find the right physical form, 90 more leave the retreat. After receiving Nicolò Melli, Pietro Aradori also left the blue headquarters.

16.40 Once again, it is the beautiful Athenian palace that was the frame of the pre-world tournament: in 2017, Georgia was victorious, while Italy was fourth.

16.38 Yesterday, Serbia's Jokic and Bogdanovic won 87-72 against Turkey in their first Hellenic match.

16.35 In addition, Italy and Serbia will return to compete in Shenyang in late August to challenge the AusTiger tournament with France and the United Kingdom.

16.33 For the two national teams, this is a worldwide driver: after today's match, the two teams will return to compete on September 4 in Group D of the World Cup in China.

16.31 After yesterday's 83:63 defeat of Greece by Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Azzurri returned to the field at the OAKA Indoor Hall in Athens at 5 p.m.

16.29 Hello everyone and welcome live live text Italy-Serbia, the second day of the 2019 Acropolis Tournament.

Italy Group at the 2019 Acropolis TournamentGreek Tournament Team Great defeat against Greece

Good evening and welcome to the LIVE LIVE text Italy-Serbia, the second day of the Acropolis 2019 tournament. After yesterday's defeat of Greece by 20 points over 83-63, the Azzurri are on the field against Serbia in a great classic at the 2019 world start: in China, in fact, two national teams were included in the same group, with the Philippines and Angola.

At the OACA Olympic House in Athens, Following Georgia's victory in the 2017 edition and the ugly figure of Italy fourth, there is an interesting challenge following the Balkans' 87-72 victory in Turkey, the fourth national team to participate in World Cup preparatory tournaments. Italy and Serbia compete in Group D of the 32-member World Cup on September 4: who will win the challenges of the two teams? In addition, the two citizens will meet first Shenyang will compete in the AusTiger Tournament with France and the United Kingdom.

Italy will participate in the for the ninth time in the World Cup, for the first time since Japan in 2006: Meo Sacchetti will be tasked with leading his anchor in Asia, without Nicolò Melli, with the goal of recovering Danilo Gallinari and Gigi Datome. Two key players who missed the Greek side so much yesterday Giannis Antetokounmpo, under construction in Italy, that today, against Serbia Jokic and Bogdanovic, he will try to find physical form and schemes with the world debut in Fosan. For the Balkans, this is it Sixth World Cup participation: Will they be a loose top tournament?

Therefore, we expect a very spectacular challenge that OA Sport invites you to follow in the company of our LIVE LIVE text point so that we do not lose any emotion. Ball for two at 5pm, have fun!

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