Saturday , February 27 2021

Mandzukic is precious as Ronaldo: but for Juventus, the reconstruction is not a priority for Primapagin

Seven goals in fourteen games. In the group weighs heavily against Lazio, Napoli, Milan and Valencia, decisive for the first place in the championship and for passing to the 16th round of the Champions League. At the age of 32, Mario Mandžukić is considered valuable for Juventus, such as the cannibal of Cristiano Ronaldo, with whom love was at first glance. Two on-field attempts to end if, at the beginning of the season, Allegri had only one great security for the attack, it seems to have defined hierarchies. There ahead, for the challenges that count, there is only one place, Cristiano and Mario do not touch, because the third shirt best wins. Manduzukić guarantees a qualitative threshold (he has scored more goals in the league last year), and the first is the first to defend, and the last one to give up. In short, what each coach wants to have.

FUTURE BIANCONERO? – Juve enjoys Mandzukic's cops, but he is thinking about the present and not the future. This means that at the time of the agenda there is currently no meeting for the renewal of the agreement that expires in 2020. This does not mean that former Bayern Munich for a year and a half will finish his adventure in black and white, it is simply that Juve does not want to make fretolese choices. Parati's at the beginning of the year will be in contact with the player, with which it is possible to estimate the extension of the season, until 2021. The hypothesis that Mandzukic would not be ignored. In Juve and Turin, where he was recently moved, he is fine. And he continues to give his contribution.

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