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she was surprised "There I feel at home", emotions among VIPs

Nilufar AddatiGiordano Mazzocchi and Nilufar Addati, love continues today

a mail published Nilufar Add yourself today He sent Instagram to the party, since she is Giordano They seem to be more in love than ever. Two were issued by the usual stories on the cold but enlightened streets of Naples, and no one would expect them to publish photography so nice. Nilufar and Giordano are among the most sought after pairs of men and women, especially after having had problems The island of temptation, and it is normal that any footage, even the simplest, softens not only fans but also VIP friends. Actually, put it like and to comment, there are also many VIPs who are supposed to be, including several ex tronists i teach men and women or participants on the Temptation island.

Nilufar and Giordano news, after Jesus's temptation of love swells

Nilufar and Giordano met with men and women and a pretty serious mistake Addat Reduced relationship with her boyfriend. On the island of Temptation many problems of boys appeared, but in the end everything went well; In fact, we both fell in love with them both ever and far from the polemics of men and women. u mail Nilufar speaks clearly: the girl wrote "Here he is there in that place, I always feel at home" commenting on the photo she hugged in Giordano; His answer, which is increasingly in the eyes of his lover, was even more pronounced: "Giordovo habitat" with a lot smile and the heart follows. Many "like" famous characters: there he is Andrea Zenga, who can also celebrate her first-rate love story; and Ursula, also today in the center of attention for photography; Valeria Marini, Ramona Amodeo, Andrea Melchiorre (who also commented), and so on and so on. Giordano and Nilufar In short, I can say that they have thrown the hearts of fans and their VIP friends.

Photo of Nilufar and Giordano and news about men and women

For Nilufar in love, someone else is not really good: in fact, men and women are not the best for Teresa Langella who deserves to make a good trip. The same is true Andrea Cerioli, which is always in the center of controversy and for Lorenzo Riccardi, which seems to make Giuli very angry. And what? Luigi? Given the situation, it should not be ruled out that his throne is ending first. But let's think about nice things, that's for the two in love with Giordano and Nilufar? Do not you even dream? We leave you in the photo and on mail Instagram:

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