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The Iliad reaches 300 active antennas. Clients look for change plan –

Iliad continues his frenetic activity in an effort to expand his ownership network, one of the company's primary goals. It's a shame that there is still someone who wants to block or slow down technological advances and that fourth mobile operator. But before we arrive today, we still remind you to subscribe to the Telegram Iliad News Channel by clicking here. Every day, updates from the world of Ilijada.

Link to the Iliad.it website

Iliad network
Iliad network. When the Lucca number is not collected, the continuation of the network expansion continues. There are currently over 300 installations active. But buyers are still looking for the ability to change plans.

Regarding the ownership network, Iliad still faces many difficulties in setting up new towers, even if the network continues to grow without stopping. This time it's Luccin's order to invest in works.

Link to the Iliad.it website

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It must be said that we should not complain too much if we stay in Italy from a technological point of view and we can not fill the void that keeps us ballast at the crucial moment of the digital revolution on the Old Continent.

See the offers of Ilijad that are currently available

These days, especially in the Sant 'Alessio district of Lucca, are local Monitoring of archeology, fine arts and landscapes denied a green light for the construction of the Ilijad plant, which allegedly should have been located near the local cemetery, near the tower already owned by TIM.

According to the newspaper Il Tirreno, who reported on the news, it seems that TIM also encountered numerous problems in its implementation. And so the story repeats itself.

The residents, like last December, complained about the excessive presence of towers worried about possible excessive exposure to electromagnetic emissions. The type of protest that Ilad in Italy has unfortunately has met several times.

Once again, the fourth mobile operator could continue with legal remedies, and with the appeal that it would probably be overcome in this case, as has already happened in Venice. a process yet complicated and long, which obviously threatens the new player, and thus all Italian consumers who have enjoyed the fierce competition of Ilijad in the last few months.

In the meantime, new installations owned by Ilijada went from a total of 140 to more than 300 installations. Among the last added cities is Prato, both in the center and in the suburbs.


Iliad an independent network

While the installation of the proprietary network is slowing down here and there, it's not like installing new Simbox, innovative multimedia workstations of Ilijada, where the telephone operator has always sought and invested a lot.

Recall that Simbox is a modern and functional station that allows everyone to buy a new SIM simulator with a simultaneous request for portability of numbers with extreme ease and pullback as if it were a gadget or a chip bag.

Most of the previously installed simboxes are found in some large shopping centers, but now they come to the main Italian universities.

New installations were seen in Rome, Palermo and Bologna, and in particular:

  • Rome: La Sapienza University – refreshment in the canteen at Via Cesare de Lollis 22
  • bologna: Bononia University Restaurant – Piazza Puntoni 1
  • palermo: Bar from Viale delle Scienze 19

Strategic areas and highly visited by students, and not only because of this, will enable a further step forward even from the mouth, which positively influenced the first year of great successes so far.

Several users then noticed that only those offers were advertised at these universities Giga 50 and Voice while the proposal is not appealing Giga 40, a bid that costs € 6.99 per month and which contains unlimited minutes and text messages for all 40 GB of mobile Internet.

However, this offer is still easy to activate the same Simbox installed at these sites.

To avoid doubt, we want to remind you that the following two offers are definitely available for both Simbox and the official site www.iliad.it:

Giga 50 which offers unlimited minutes and text messages to all national fixed and mobile numbers from 50Gb of mobile Internet in 4G and 4G + l for 7.99 euros a month.

Voice offering that offers unlimited minutes and text messages to all national numbers and 40Mb of mobile Internet at a price of EUR 4.99 per month forever. Offer especially for those who like or need first of all to call.

The initial support costs are € 9.99, including activation and a new SIM card to add costs to the first month of the offer. Free home delivery.

The costs of the offers are guaranteed forever … really! No hidden costs and no limitations as always!

At this moment, unfortunately, it is still not possible to switch from one to the other, which is one of the innovations that many users continue to look for. We hope that this will happen sooner or later as we wait for new offers.

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