Thursday , February 25 2021

The Security Decree becomes law, from closing licenses to begging: it changes

The decree was certainly approved by 396 and 99 no. In addition to the majority, the Brothers of Italy and Forza Italia also support the provision. The Democratic Party, along with LeU, also makes river interventions on various agendas and protests with a white mask on the face. After the final decision of the Chamber of Security Council, League members allowed themselves to enjoy pleasure. However, there is no applause by the government's allies of the 5 Star Movement. The revoked photo of the one taken at the time of the project start – not final – Anti-Corruption Account House: On that occasion, the five star stars welcomed the pleasure, in relation to the coldness of the Lega. And always as a mirror effect with reversed parts, there are large leagues in the hall, with Matteo Salvini and Giancarlo Giorgetti sitting on government benches, and for five-star Minister Riccardo Fraccaro. For the anti-corruption law, Salvini disappeared, instead Luigi Di Maio and Alfonso Bonafede were replaced.


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This is to look at the content of the regulation:

CLOSET ON LICENSE – Residence permit for humanitarian reasons was abolished, replaced with temporary special permits, 6 cases envisaged: especially serious health reasons; accidents in the country of origin; parts of civil value; trafficking victims; domestic violence and heavy exploitation.

MORE TIME IN CPR – The maximum duration of detention of foreigners in centers of residence for repatriation goes from 90 to 180 days. It introduces the possibility of retaining migrants who are waiting for expulsion in other PS facilities, in the absence of positions in the CPR, and the possibility of keeping asylum seekers in hot spots. – MORE PUNISHMENT

FOR REVOCATION ASYLUM, THAN THEFT – There is an increase in the number of crimes involving denial or abolition of international protection: sexual violence, serious injuries, robbery, civil servant's violence, sexual mutilation, serious theft, drug trafficking. There is a crime in the Senate, even if it does not make it difficult.

VIA BUILDING FOR CRIMINAL REACORISM – Citizenship is abolished for convicted of terrorist acts. –

STIL ASILUM AFTER THE COMMISSION'S DECISION – Direct examination of the application for international protection for applicants who have been subjected to criminal proceedings for a criminal offense that would result in a refusal of protection in the event of a final judgment. The test is initiated by those who already have a conviction, even if they are not final. In case of refusal, the candidate must leave Italy. –

SPRAR SYSTEM – I only approve the holders of international protection and unaccompanied minors. Whoever is already in the system will remain in the project.

UP TO 4 YEARS FOR CITIZENSHIP – Conditions (from 2 to 4 years) have been extended to examine applications for granting citizenship, which will be approved only if the Italian is known.

LIST OF SECURITY COUNTRIES – Accelerated testing of protection applications for those coming from countries included in the list. –

ELECTRONIC BRACELET FOR STALKER – Control the electronic bracelet of the defendants for family abuse and looting.

CONTRACTS FOR RENTING THE AUTHORIAN STONE PS – The norm he wants anti-terrorism to prevent car and truck attacks against the crowd. Data on those that provide for rent contracts must have been previously provided to the police forces.

TASER IN URBAN VIGILAMS – The electric impulse pistol is also being tested for the bodies of the municipal police of all provincial capitals.

DASPO URBANO – Daspo extends to sports events suspected of terrorism, and city Daspo can also be used in health centers and market areas, fairs and public shows

STRAIGHT ON SGOMBERI – Stricter sanctions for those who promote or organize the occupation of buildings (2 to 4 years old) and the extension of the use of interception in investigations against them.

LOCATION OF INSTALLATION AND FINAL PARKING – Introducing crime "harassment of begging exercise" (up to 6 months that increases to 3 years if minors are used) and more severe punishment for unauthorized parking: in the case of the use of minors or recidivism, arresting and risking a year in prison.

CLOSED AUDITORS DECIDE ON "ETHNIC BUYERS" The first citizens will be able, within 30 days, to limit the time of sales of shops that are affected by "phenomena of night aggregation" even in non-central areas.

FROM THESE MORE MONEY FOR SECURITY SAFETY – Sports clubs will have to pay more money to guarantee the safety of the stadium. The percentage of ticket sales for this purpose goes from 1-3% to 5-10%

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