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Tim and Vodafone also invite Ilijad to the alliance

In the spring, there are those who change clothes and those who, like telecom operators, "give" to customers many hate remodeling, which are simple words of increasing tariffs that can no longer be subscribed, but also services that are already active.

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Exactly as always, Benedetto Levi, the young executive director of Ilijada with Twitter wanted to pay attention to this old and boring problem that, especially the usual suspects, had or TIM, Vodafone and Wind Tre.

In fact, it is rare that remodeling is carried out by virtual telephone operators, who generally maintain the promises that they made at the beginning, a bit like setting itself up from their birth Ilijada.

The fourth Italian mobile operator has so far guaranteed that it will be different from the rest and will remain forever: we know that diversity is sometimes opposed, that it is not understood, it is suspicious, but we still need to be certain.

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So, while the so-called "giants" continue to try to make good and bad weather, Ilijada continues on the street, not only in the form of corrections and other bad behavior, and where to find them: it fights against the strategic agreement of TIM and Vodafone managing the same 5G towers.

Some of you may think: but what does the remodeling mean in common? with the strategic agreement of TIM-Vodafone?

Let's try to explain or better assume that, we want to be suspicious: in the meantime, remember that this agreement provides for the sharing of the active component of the 5G network.

This will enable the two operators, Tim and Vodafone, to optimize the infrastructure management costs that are very expensive in this case.

This year this agreement should be concluded It is an antimonopoly administration does not decide to pull it well, even tease the Ilijada report, worried that such cooperation could compromise correct competition.

Wanting to be a little suspicious (or even paranoid if you prefer): is it not surprising that both TIM and Vodafone continue to increase the cost of some tariffs in the same period? This climate returns us somehow back to the time when the telephone operators did it.guidepost"Increase rates and invoice in 28 days.

According to the senior plans of Ilijada, Tim-Vodafone partnership could endanger the market and potentially violate regulations.

In short, the request sent to the authorities should be cautious, as it may have negative side effects on the development plans of other operators.

The agreement between TIM and Vodafone would in practice lead to the creation of one operator from the aspect of infrastructure with the management of as many as 22,000 towers with a savings of over 30%.


In the meantime, the agreement between the two giants continues, it seems that the partnership is open to all competitors on the ground, but it is part of it, for example Inwit as Tim's operative rib.

Same as for TIM, Luigi Gubitosi very clearly stated that the agreement remains open to all those who want to participate, but why does the Iliad protest?

Gubitosi said in a very fair way that 5G costs a lot for companies, the state definitely gets on revenue for its own cash, but operators have invested and will continue to do so.

"We meet Iliad, as we usually see with all operators, and we hope to find the convergence points," Gubitosi concluded.

We will see how it turns out, the fact remains that when it comes to similar partnerships, it is always inappropriate for the Antimonopoly Administration to closely monitor.

Do you think Ilijada has to take part in this agreement?

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