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Warning about hospital infections in Italy, 49,000 dead in the year: Massacre in progress

The alarming fact arises from 2018. Health Observation Report presented today in Rome. Alarm connected mortality caused by hospital infections. According to the report, with 18,668 deaths in 2003, there were 49,301 in 2016. Italy has 30 percent of all deaths due to sepsis in 28 European Union countries. "The massacre continues, thousands of people die every day of hospital infections, but this phenomenon is underestimated, the idea has spread that is an inescapable fact," he said. Walter Ricciardi, Director of the National Health Observatory. "For years we have been observing this phenomenon and today we can say that hospital sepsis is an emergency, with numbers that have more than doubled in a few years," Ricciardi said, stressing that in any case "we do not intervene on how we should, for example by applying national anti-resistance plan for antibiotics that has remained a dead letter on paper. "

The most affected are those older than 75 years – Data from the report show that this phenomenon has the greatest impact in older people over 75 years old, with 36,824 deaths only in 2016. At the regional level, the increase in mortality associated with sepsis in the age group of 75 years and over is a generalized phenomenon in all areas of the country. "We have been studying this phenomenon for three years now we can talk about a national emergency: there is a national plan to combat antibiotic resistance, but he remained on paper. We need to intervene in order to effectively confront the truly insidious problem, which has now become an emergency in the country, "said the National Health Observatory director, commenting on the report.

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