Thursday , April 22 2021

Youtube Originals, series and content visible to everyone since September

youtube posted that series and content Youtube originals will be visible to everyone, with advertising, starting with September 24, 2019. The announcement of the initiative was made at the beginning of the year, but only now has it come true. In short, even non-payers will be able to watch movies, original series and live events for a fee.

in premium usersie. payers will, however, have some advantage. In the meantime, they won't have to watch commercials, and will also have instant access to all new content at launch, which free users will in some cases have to wait for. However, this is a good compromise for not having to pay $ 12 a month for a subscription.

YouTube also added exclusive features for premium users, such as recommended downloads, making it easy to find interesting videos to download. Furthermore, it is now possible to switch from song to music video at the touch of a button. Finally, Android users can download up to 500 songs from their favorites and other playlists.

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