Tuesday , March 9 2021

"Do not leave the opposition parties at work" There is no frustration in the controversial debate on the constitutional review … A representative of the regional political party "the future of Japan" Mr. Akihis Nagashima is intensely white – ZAKZAK

"Do not leave the opposition parties at work". I am not upset about controversy over the revision of the Constitution … Akihis Nagashima, a representative of the regional political party "Future Japan", is intensely white ZAKZAK

The amendment to the Immigration Control Act to extend the acceptance of foreign workers brought the lower house on Wednesday night. With criticism of government's "deliberate deliberations," there are many ways to undermine the opposition's "opposition" attitude. Representatives of the House of Representatives Akuhis Nagashima (56, a representative of Tokyo 21) a representative of the regional political party "Future Japan" responded to Fuji's evening interview and said: "The left opposition party that does not discuss the tactics of the National Assembly is" except "leaving the job" it should not be a matter, the goal should be for a healthy opposition party to make a difference with the ruling party in the correction of accounts and so on and appeals to people. "Mr. Nagashima won seats in the party of hope in the House of Representatives last year, but in In May this year, the formation of the National Democratic Party marked the line and became independent. Last month I made a new faction with Hiroshi Kasahi (53, Kanagawa 9 departments) and "the flag to be the main axis of the opposition party in the middle of the political circle" and came to an extraordinary session of the Diet However, legislative considerations, such as the revision of the Immigration Control Act, continue to be a helpless confrontation with LDPs, "absolute" and the left opposition "absolutely opposed". Mr. Nagashima asked for irritation: "Can not you do more essential conversations?" The same is true for the constitutional amendment of the amendment. When is Mr. Nagashima attended the Committee for the Review of the Constitution of the House of Observers, it was said that teachers were not able to decide on organizers who could be appointed if formal requirements were met. "The Democratic Party of the Constitutional Millennium, etc. It stood against the hostile thinking of the government and even refused to establish a controversy controversy. Regarding the difference between the ruling and opposition parties, there might be negotiations on" what should the agenda be done ", the Audit Committee in the tactic for measures against the National Assembly …

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