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"GUILTY GEAR 20th ANNIVERSARY PACK" was released today. We experience origin and evolution in this work that becomes the dual function of "First Generation GG" and "GGXX AC + R"

Arc System Works today announced the "GUILTY GEAR 20th ANNIVERSARY PACK" for Nintendo Switch (May 16, 2019).

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This work is the 20th anniversary of the fighting game "GUILTY GEAR", which ARC System Works prides itself on. This is the first work of the series"GUILTY GEAR"It's not too hard to say that it has established a period of 2D combat games, it's a XX series compilation"SWITCH XX ACCENTCORE PLUS R"(Below, GGXX AC + R) is the title only for a package that has become a set of two.

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In this article, we will show you a review of the original titles "GUILTY GEAR" and "GGXX AC + R" with impressions. Also, "GUILTY GEAR 20 ANNIVERSARY PACK" is the title for the package only, but all the recorded works have been downloaded and sold. If you want to play only one, use this too.

GU "GUILTY GEAR" is also available for download on the PlayStation Store (PS4 version) and Steam (PC version)


The first "GUILTY GEAR" was released on May 14, 1998 as a PlayStation software. Speaking of the mainstream of 2D combat games at the time, there should be many people who think of the Street Fighter series and the "KING OF FIGHTERS" series. This work is a work that throws a stone into a fight game that shows such excitement, and an unusual character design similar to the anime at that time and a fought system that is too new to attract attention, and this is the topic among some fighters. It became.

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All the origins are here. A glimpse of the world and characters is over

The first "GUILTY GEAR" with a unique worldview and unique characters. At that time, he established a worldview that separated him from other combat games, such as the battlefield, rock-like BGM with two-hearted scraps, and an offensive action that is not visible in conventional combat games.

The "GUILTY GEAR" series has so far started from here. There are many charms that will not disappear even if you are now playing
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Too intense nature game that has destroyed the concept of balance in the game

Whatever the charm of the first "GUILTY GEAR"Uneasy balance of the gameBeing. The system of high-level games was also a feature of the following series, but now the game has become a very sharp balance of the game because the game system is too free. Here are some game systems that are too intense:

One special move (killing):
As the name implies, it is a special move that determines the game with one stroke. Regardless of the number of rounds played, if you hit the kill technique with one stroke, the win of the game will be finalized at that moment.
The conditions for founding are "to kill a hit technique (regardless of guess or guard)" or the "last guess" command that appears in the "previous guard", the command for special kill in one stroke (236+ Simple button for attack). During "killing", the receiver214By entering the + + key, you can avoid one death, but the game will end when you are not able to enter. It is an unreasonable and powerful system that can not be considered as a current combat game.

A unique killing technique that will win will be finalized if you guess it is one of the systems of this work. You can enjoy the game in a throbbing sense of completeness because there is a possibility to contact at any time no matter how much damage is needed
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Billing Attack:

A system that strengthens a special move by pressing and holding the reset button after the corresponding special move … but the charging operation can be interrupted at any time by releasing the button, so it is used to clean the special move. As a result, a series of disappointing continuous skills such as regular skills → debit → dash → regular skills.

This technique, called billing cancellation, is transferred to some characters in the next series. What's great about the Arc system is that it does not happen if you fall
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Many names around the system have also changed in the past, so this work can only be called a rough stone. A special awakening movement was a chaotic specification that can be fired continuously when the power is less than half
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The original "GUILTY GEAR" to be recorded this time, the PlayStation version is fully reproduced, such as a special move and hidden characters using a hidden command. Good old days, it is good to try to taste the origin of the series, to enjoy the battle balance of battle just before collapse. I hope you enjoy this business that makes you feel at the start of Arc System Works history.

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The compilation of the "GUILTY GEAR XX" series "GGXX AC + R" is included in the original "GUILTY GEAR". The Arctic Operation Day is September 20, 2012, but continues today, after more than six years, and it can be said that it is a masterpiece of immortality.
In this work, twenty-five characters appear, which is the culmination of the XX series. The battle balance that was rough in the first "GUILTY GEAR" was also adapted to the kitchenEnjoy a sophisticated 2D combat game.

"GGXX AC + R" finished in a highly-armored combat game, such as graphics, BGM, game system, balance balance, etc. Although the Xrd series has been launched, it is loved by many fans and continues to play
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Number of gaming systems that have not faded yet

Although the "GUILTY GEAR" series produced revolutionary systems such as canceling the novel and cracking the cycle, different systems were inherited from "GGXX AC + R" and further evolution was achieved. Here I would like to introduce two systems that make the match particularly interesting.

Cancellation of romance (25% of pressure consumption):
The executed system of the abolition of the romance called popularly known as the "blue canvas". By pressing three attack buttons simultaneously within a specific frame of a particular attack, it is possible to cancel the movement and react. Although a gracious framework of founding is a very short and very difficult technique, it is a multifunctional system with high versatility, such as fast play and continuous techniques, and growth can be felt according to the amount of practice.

The frame of Forso's failure to give up romance is only a few frames. Since the timing is basically constant, repetitive exercises are required
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Breakdown of force (25% of pressure consumption):

A system that uses voltage meters and delivers powerful special movements. Special maneuvers such as the Force Break version of Hyakuninbei Bell and Drill Special have kept the heads of many players from their powerful performances.

The force interrupts a special movement technique that has been strong anyway, even if it goes out properly. Even players who are not good at canceling Forth Roman can easily enter, so many will be helpful. Unfortunately, it is not implemented in the latest "Xrd" series, but it is one of the systems we want to play one day
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The way Story is one of the charms that can not be removed when it comes to this work. If you want to find out the events from the previous work, please play with all the means
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Evolution of the Arc system works because it can be seen by playing both titles

For the first time I tried to play two titles, and I felt like it was similar to the history of people over the course of 20 years passed by the "KRIVICA" series. From the rough first work that can not be said to be a complete game of match, failure and reflection, and re-growth, "GGXX AC + R" was born, and it is also associated with the latest work of the "Xrd" series. .
It can be said that this work is a work that can truly feel "birth" and "evolution". Not only fans from the first work, but also those who never touched the two titles should play, feel the 20 years that the "VISIBLE STAFF" has passed, and I hope that the evolution will be overcome.

There are not a few characters whose design has changed significantly from the first generation to the XX. It will be interesting to compare the signs that appear in both works
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Also, this is my wish, but I hope that the GUILTY GEAR collection (including GUILTY GEAR2) that can play the entire process, as well as the original "GUILTY GEAR" and "GGXX AC + R" will be published once. But how is it?
I would like to continue to support Arc System Works and the GUILTY GEAR series, which are still active as creators of combat games, in the hope that titles such as these will be published in the future.

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