Tuesday , June 15 2021

Hanyu's ally Fernandez, January, to leave the European Championship in the final of Pyeongchang Olympic Bronze medal 27 years old (THE ANSWER) – Sport Navi

  1. Hanyu's ally Fernandez, January to retire at the European Championship at the end of Pyeongchang Olympic bronze medal 27 years (THE ANSWER) Sport Navi
  2. Pyeongchang copper Fernandez retreats, the same coach as Hanyu Drama Daily Sports
  3. Hanyu's ally Fernandez, in January, finally left the Pyeongchang European Championship of Olympic Bronze medals 27 years old THE ANSWER
  4. Fernandez retreats (Kyodo News) Sport Navi
  5. Image: Fernandez retreats to the Pyeongchang 3 Olympic Games – Mainichi Newspaper Mainichi Shimbun
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