Tuesday , March 2 2021

Super Essential Shim "Project Eagle: 3D Interactive Mars Base" to be released for free on Steam Learn more about Mars | Game * Spark

Blackbird Interactive is a chimp that allows you to learn basic basics for Mars"Project Eagle: 3D Interactive Mars Base"Released on Steam.

This paper simulates the basis based on Mars by publisher Blackbird Interactive contacting members of the "Jet Propulsion Laboratory" involved in the research and development of NASA. This is not a strict game, but it is considered to be a tool for learning the future development of Mars through virtually reproduced dioramas.

The location that appears in this paper is the location of Mount Ioris (NASA is called "Sharp Mountain"), which exists in the "Clay Draw", which covers 154 kilometers, and Mars exploration vehicle "Curio City" landed in August 2012. Nearby . The base is designed by NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which gets direct instructions and feedback. Moreover, the terrain was built with Unity using the data obtained from the HiRISE camera, mounted on the Mars Reconnissance Orbiter, which is accurately reproduced at a 1 meter unit.

This work has been done with the cooperation of a real research institution that deals with the development of space. Because it is a scientific intention or a free distribution, if you are a little worried, why do not you feel free to play it. Although this is not a strict game, it seems to have six achievements, so it may be good to target a cancellation.

"Project Eagle: 3D Interactive Mars Base" is distributed free of charge to Steam.

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