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By 2020, you will not be able to see the alcohol drink pattern in advertising. Schools, libraries and public institutions using children and teenagers are called the "Jinzhou District".

The Ministry of Health and Welfare plans to regulate alcohol advertising, including the prevention of alcohol abuse. The damage caused by drinking without alcohol is considered to be very severe. Last year there were 4,809 deaths from alcohol-related diseases or 13 people a day. The social and economic value of drinking water is 9452,4 bln. The wound is (2013), higher than smoking (7,125.8 billion), which is growing rapidly every year.

The biggest concern of the government is that teenagers turn into new consumers of alcohol. According to a recent 2018 survey on behavioral health behavior, one under six year old will drink within one month and drink 10 drinks per a month. According to one poll, 35% of adolescents responded to the "advertising sample", 18.5% said "beer", and 14.5% said it.

The government is thus aimed at counteracting the rules of alcohol advertising. The advertising model prohibits drinks and drinks. He also decided not to allow alcohol advertising before and after the program that restricts the viewing of juveniles. These rules apply to television and radio as well as to other media, such as IPTV. The phrase "excessive use of alcohol leads to cancer" is displayed directly in the main advertisement.

The sanctions used to violate advertising rules also affect the level of tobacco advertising. If there is a violation of current advertising regulations, the fine will be set at 1 million pounds, up to a year in prison or up to 10 million pounds. The government plans to revise the law next year, as the content of these liquids will be included in the National Health Code. Now, the rules of the law enforcement agencies will deal with alcohol advertising standards. The government also plans to appoint children's care centers, kindergartens, primary, lower and higher educational institutions, libraries, hospitals and health centers as ban on alcohol and alcohol sales.

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