Friday , February 26 2021

Epic Games & # 39; Fort Knight & # 39; reaches 200 million users worldwide

Fort Knight has more than 200 million users around the world. The number of Fortnight users is higher than the Brazilian population, the fifth largest in the world.

Bloomberg and other economic journals in North America reported that Epic Games subscribers at Port Vitey have exceeded 200 million.

This figure is 60% higher than 125 million users in June. In May, the number of subscribers exceeded 100 million, and after about six months, it exceeded 200 million.

Fort Knight.

Fort Knight.

Fortnight is a new kind of game that combines third-party shooters and construction and has a unique performance that combines resources to create different objects and buildings.

The game is divided into "Save the World", a cooperative way that allows more users to combine with large-scale zombies and "Battle Royale", a PVP mode in which only one team appears to survive.

The user can build a building during a battle, make a lid or make a trap, then attract the enemy and creatively play, which was difficult to see in existing games.

Fortnight is a very popular shooter with more than 40 million users and more than two million simultaneous users after the global launch last July.

Epic Games launched a PC room service on August 8th to continue its enthusiasm in the global market in Korea and announced its participation as the main sponsor of the G-Star 2018, held on October 15-18.

In addition, "Fort Knight Korea Open 2018" will be held on January 12 next month.

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