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Fuller pushes "AI push, driver's strategy strategy."

For the second step forward, the Carpool Service Riding Sharing Service has pulled out the "Carpool Service" that includes AI technology and the "Driver Profit Redemption System" card.

The commercial attention is focused on whether the restart of Fulus, which is blocked by the wall of taxi taxi organizations and the hard opposition of the government, will continue.

Seo Young-woo, the new director of Pullus, held a press conference in Kowal-dong, Seongsu-dong, Seoul, 26, Fulus decided to set a new basic value as "Full Together" and announced plans to understand this, " Smart Carpool "," Share growth on the platform "and" Strengthen communication ".

At the meeting, Fulus announced that it would improve AI technology based on driving data for the past two and a half years and merge it with a match between drivers and passengers. We are developing models that can coexist with existing taxi companies and find winning plans. Regarding the return of profits, the company plans to run an incentive system to the full point of the driver and to give up 10% of the stock in the long run.

Fullus Seo Young-woo

Fullus Seo Young-woo

With the new representative system Seo Young-woo, PULERS will launch an interest in solving problems that could not be resolved in the previous phase of these business strategies.

Last year, Fulus invested 22 billion won by SK, Naver and Mirae Asset, but it was difficult to manage, since the "weather conditions system" was needed to expand operations disrupted by government regulations and the rebellion of the taxi industry. As a result, the company restructured its business in June, reducing its workforce from about 50 to 10 to 15, and Kim Tae-ho resigned.

In July, Lee Jae-woong, executive director of SOCA's action, announced that he would take over the task of establishing a full-fledged management plan for new companies and business models. Earlier this month, the company unveiled a system for boosting pole-point for running applications and signaled a restructuring of the business for about five months.

At the meeting, Mr. Seo said: "Last year we attracted a large amount of investment money in connection with management aggravation and aggressively promoted events and commercials based on the fact that we decided to solve the car in Korea." He wrote, "It seems to be that. Then I want to know that it will be almost another year, and of course I stopped before the money disappeared."

■ Long-term plan to give drivers 10%

Seo Young-woo emphasized that Carpool Apublo, which has a corporate value of over 100 trillion won, can not properly distribute profits to its drivers, but PULERS would profit through an incentive system and a distribution of stocks. We plan to add 10% of the shares in the long term. If the company is still in the business phase, the value of the shares will increase, and if the stock is distributed at the beginning, the driver's profit will increase.

Seo said: "The value of the company is rising, and mergers and acquisitions (M & A) take place in the process of receiving investments from a company that is not listed in the company." The growth of risk at risk may not be known to the general public, but as the company grows, we provide more information and instructions, "he said." We do not give 10 percent of the shares at the same time, Is different. "

Seo Young-woo

Seo Young-woo

The system of incentive points is an additional system for the existing driver incentive system.

"In early November, I updated the driver application to introduce the concept to a full stop, but most users have a point of 0, and some have received it," he added. .

Regarding the existing incentive system, "The traveler pays the driver's money to the driver, except for the fee that a traveler takes to maintain the driver's car." When the driver pays a lot, the system reimburses a portion of the fee, 80 percent of the cash back, but a portion of the coupon of a thousand conquered passengers may be negative "he said.

Several options are considered to merge existing cash incentive schemes with full-frame incentive schemes.

Seo said: "If the cash incentive is replaced by a full stop, those who receive it as cash will have to pay extra for the cattle." In this case, it would be good to pay for all incentives for drivers who were paid in full. "

"Drivers who first got their first points in November on the basis of driving data in October have the best chance," he said. "I expect that participation will become more active, because the full-service service grows fast."

■ Employing AI excellent developers for AI … "I will get the best results with a small number of elite"

Mr. Seo introduced "Beta", a smart match service that started work last week, and confidently: "If the activation of the carlus, we can improve the problem of social transport." In beta, a large amount of data is used that accumulates about two and a half years after the launch of the service. It also plans to hire a competent programmer to encourage the development of services.

The carpool service, which combines AI, analyzes the time and area of ​​the transmissions and sends gourmets to drivers waiting to search for them. When Fulrus tested a small number of drivers last week, 30 people sent an alarm to the beta driver when betting on 100 drivers, and the company explained that they received a request for a garage for pushing.

Seo Young-woo

Seo Young-woo

Just mentioning the fact that mature companies such as Cacao Mobility already use the AI ​​for dispatching and rapid tracking, compared to the fact that the Fuller AI application is too late, I saw that the big data was being collected by the group.

Seo said: "There are data that PulauS has served as a car two and a half years ago." Since competitors (such as Cacao Mobility, who bought Luxi) did not start a service, "he said.

"In a situation where we have to maintain a good service, we have attracted people who have worked in the country and abroad because we have to attract a talent that can be based on technology." "So the basic concepts will be the same."

The representative said: "The labor force in the past has half the workforce (more than 50 people)," he said, "and in a word, with a small number of elite teams produce the best results."

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