Tuesday , June 15 2021

Hwang, In-Beom, Akin, Daejeon

Tedon beat Kwang to advance to the K-League 2 match

[골닷컴] Seo Ho-jung reporter Daejeon Citizen defeated Gwangju FC and made a step forward for promotion. The winners and losers were divided, but the rare scenes were pleasing in blood, and they were spectacular.

Thezeijon won a 1-0 victory over Gwangju on the 28th in the semi-finals of K-League K-League Hane Bank at the World Cup in Daejeon in 2018 thanks to Katsu's foreign striker. In the playoffs, even in a unique game, Teddon managed to laugh home with victory.

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Both teams lost their key players and began to play. The visiting team, Gwangju, was ready to lose power because Kang League shooter Na Sang-ho failed to accumulate alarms. Daejeon also lost Hwang In-be on the list of games published before the game. Kang Jong-soo, who suffered a minor knee injury, suffered a serious injury due to injuries during his active duty and bravely excluded him from the point of view of protecting his players.

Two minutes after the start of the game, an unexpected accident occurred. Gwangjua's Lee Seung-mo midfielder dropped out of the head in the process of bouncing with a public ball and losing his head. Kim Hee-gon and the medical team of Gwangju recognized that they were serious and quick to respond. Fortunately, Li Seungmo woke up and managed to stop an accident. The results of the test showed that the incision was in the bone of the neck.

Lee Seung-mo, who was taken to the hospital at the hospital, had to use the replacement card in the first 7 minutes. Despite the confusion, Gwang took the lead through Felipe's height and Duarte's pass. Felipe fell into Park Jun-hyuk Park, but after confirmation, Felipe came in a delayed time and did not come out with a penalty.

Goalkeeper Tede Park Joon-hyuk saw the unexpected scene in the first half. It was on the touch line on the left to deal with a long ball, but it removed the touch line without handling the ball with the rapid pressure of Gwangju. However, when it was done, Gwangju quickly entered the empty goal. This did not lead to an effective attack, but it was a dizzy moment like a war.

In the second half of the game, Daejon, who reorganized the battlefield, attacked the center focused on the side attack of Park Soo-il. In the end, the starting goal came from Tedon in the 23rd minute of the second half. The Sueil Park finished with a sharp cross on the left and thrown into the gate of Kitsune.

In the semifinals and the playoffs, visitors were not drawn. Gwangju, who needed two goals, played a quick and easy attack. At the 25th minute of the second half, Kim Min-kyu put Felipe and built a double tower, aiming a long ball.

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In the last 41 minutes, Gwang has had another crisis. After goalkeeper Yoon Pyeongguk grabbed the cross and grabbed the ball, struck in park Park In-hyeok, who was in front of the opponent. In the beginning, I got a buyback decision, but I have a warning with a VAR certificate. However, there is still a penalty kick. Yoonpyeongguk forgave his mistake by blocking Penal Kizu, but Gwangju failed to score.

Three days later, winning Tedeon will replace the visiting team in Busan and play K-League 2 playoff. The higher probability of participation in Hwang In-beom has also been increased. Coach Kang Jong-soa's decision, which won the game, has resulted in Tedeon raising the pulse and performance of the main leagues in a game he played at Guduk Stadium on July 1st.

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