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Former Mayor Seula Oh Se-hoon, one of the conservative fighters of the ruling camp, joined the free Korean party on May 29, drawing attention from another former Prime Minister, Yang Ryong-ryong. Hwang is allegedly placed first in the election, winning the presidential nomination. Hwang (Chung, Park, Geun-hye) works hard on Hwang, but I'm going to Django for the future.

Former Prime Minister Hwangryeong Administration / Reporter Nankangho

◇ By the presidential election … Various Sinao around Hwangyo
In the conservative camp, there are various political scenarios surrounding Hwang. Although we have not yet clarified our course, we have the opportunity to soon enter into real politics. The problem is time and way.

There is a notice that Hwang will run for the National Assembly, which should be held in February next year. We expect such a scenario focusing on pro-fandom. The affirmation sees the possibility of running for the former presidential candidate Hwang as a half. The recent deputy allegedly invited him to run for president and former President Hu Jintao. Lee said, "I should go to the army and go to the horse," and Hwang said, "I'm thinking about it."

However, if the Korean people who met Hwang gave a statement, his chances of running for president are small. This is because it is possible to receive a blow to the prefecture only when it was wound early in the early days. The pro-government parliamentarian said: "It seems that Hwang has not yet thought about coming to the party," he said.

In this case, Hwang may consider going directly to the presidential election instead of a party seat. At a recent meeting with the representative of South Korea, Hwang reported that he expressed this opinion. Given that the next presidential election will be held in March 2022, Hwang's entry point to the Korean party is likely to be far behind.

There is also a new ruling party headed by Hwang. It is expected that Hwang will make a new party around Hwang if the winning party wins the party in the upcoming presidential election next year. Five prominent members of the group recruit active members for each of the five members to form a negotiating team, and then a new party is established.

In the Korean party, the new ruling party sees the degree of a favorable system for three gatherings. It is said to be sending a warning message to Kim Byeong-joon, Chairman of the Emergency Situations Council, saying: "If a friendly person renews, he can go to the Bundang". However, if Hwang makes a complete political campaign, he is unlikely to be a good candidate. One congressman said: "Is not it possible that the human preoccupation sought by the hijackers is intentional,

◇ First variable … "Limited image can be loaded"

Hwang, which will be held before the 11th month, seems to be the first variable for Hwang. In the presidential election, Chung Park Geun-hye, the Gyeong-won Citizen Party, an organic junior member, party leader Kim Hak-yong, a member of Kim Young-woo, and a member of Yoo Jae- How candidates are merged for each channel , it is expected that the election of presidential elections will continue with three conflicts of the Bihak (non-Park Geun-hye) system and a friendly system centered on the Bokwang wave.

It is affirmed that the Republican Party representative of Korea has been promoted, but it should strengthen Mr. Nak Kyonga – a winner with a great opportunity of choice and a low sense of refusal. The suggestion that I support my legislator who approves the immunity of the Geun-hye Park has the desire not to hand over the representative of the president to the party. Hwang is reportedly planning to support the presidential race in some way.

If a party wins the presidential election and takes control of the party, it will lose its position as a prosperous party. If the progress of the party is progressing, it is possible to seek the "third path", focused on proactive legislators.

However, there are many suggestions that if Hwang wants to win the presidential election in the Korean party, he must not put his political color on a "friendly" side.

A party official said: "I will have many problems, but I am afraid that the title of the presidential candidate is too burdensome for the general public, and I think that it is necessary first to make our political power." .

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