Monday , May 10 2021

Medical Colon / Cancer Diseases 1. Lung Cancer, Early Screening

Korea Health Association Chungbuk National University

(Tong Yang Ilbo Shinbuk Reporter) The main symptoms of lung cancer include cough, sputum, dyspnia and chest pain. However, in practice, 5 to 15% of lung cancer has been identified as a violation of normal chest X-ray without any symptom-free physical examination. Early symptoms of lung cancer can have smaller symptoms, and most importantly, lung cancer symptoms may have a large number of respiratory symptoms, including cold.

About 75% of patients with lung cancer report frequent coughing, but smokers believe that smoking is due to cough because the cough is easy. So if cough and sputum are kept, you should advise the specialists. Knees (a blood gangrene) is a symptom that can be very significant at the end of the lung cancer, but it is important to consult a small number of specialists, since it is small in the beginning.

As noted earlier, lung cancer may be confused with other early signs, and in some cases it should be quickly detected by screening. Simple X-rays are a simple and simple test for lung cancer. However, ordinary chest radiographs require a 5 mm heartbeat, so it is impossible to find a knot before reaching progressive levels; sometimes the back side of the heart, the periphery of the heart, the circulation of the blood vessels, may be created by the site. Therefore, CT scan was recently included in screening for lung cancer to accurately determine the location and progression of the tumor.

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