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MK News – Eco Cap, a unique car ship technology … "About 250 billion sales goals to 2023"

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Ecocap, a company specializing in automotive parts, called for KOSDAQ. The goal is to achieve the second step by expanding investments by joining COSDAG in the Mexico plant and electrical engineering business.

Eco-cap CEO Choi Keung Chun held a press conference in Yeouido on December 12 and published business concepts and strategies after listing on the KOSDAQ market.

EcoCap is a cable and electricity retail company founded in 2007.

High voltage cable, wire protection (W / H), lamp socket, LED module, etc., for car parts, spare battery and electric motor. such as Busbar. It provides car manufacturers worldwide production.
Generally produced W / H and cables are the main devices acting as the blood vessels of the human body. It moves from the car to every part of the signal and power. The internal combustion engine is applicable to all vehicles, such as a car, and an electric machine, and uses only about 2000 m of cable and wire per vehicle.

EcoCap-producing cables and wires are the main equipment for automobiles and require advanced technical specifications and power requirements for hundreds of signals. Specifically, special cables have strong impedance due to high technical conditions, such as high conductivity, strength, elasticity and light weight, as well as heat-resistant heat.

High-voltage cables for EV components are directly exported to the main production base of the global high-end manufacturers with product stability. In addition, it has provided a variety of special cable technologies, such as motor cable, sensor cable and battery cable.

In addition, for the first time in the field of electrical components, the company is rapidly increasing its market share by creating a LED module with BMPCB (Bendable Metal PCB) technology. Replacement of the existing lamps in the appropriate modules will save about 86% of the energy. We are currently completing orders by 2020. Due to recent energy efficiency, the number of vehicles will increase steadily.

Over the last decade, the company has been providing solid fuel due to the growth of car cables, W / H and retail electricity business. Starting from 2015, the main products for electric cars have been expanded, sales are constantly growing through diversification. Last year sales totaled 82.77 billion won, and operating profit was 5.13 billion won. The company plans to sell 250 billion won in 2023.

Eco-bags are strategies to increase sales and sales of environmentally-friendly cars, such as know-how based on know-how.

In particular, we are actively working to strengthen global response capabilities to access foreign markets. As part of the strategy, the company is currently expanding its logistics facilities in Mexico to build a factory in Mexico. North America's broader production base strategy is to provide flexibility for product delivery and responsibility for the North American market.

The new plant in Mexico is expected to start mass production in July next year. Demand is growing in many car manufacturers in North America.

"The eco-hat has made a second breakthrough in the electricity market," says Choi Kyung Shon. "We are competing with world companies across Asia, so we strengthen our market share and competitiveness through KOSDAQ listing, becoming a global professional electricity distribution company I think. "

The total number of IPO shares is 4 million, favorable price per share – 4200 ~ 5200 won.

About 20.8 billion won will be used for this contest. The open fund will be used for investment, research and development.

Forecasting the demand for institutional investors from 12 to 13, completing the final announcement and obtaining a 19 to 20 general subscription. It is planned to be scheduled early next month and is the representative of IBK Investment Securities.

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