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"No Innovation Without Innovation" Launching Corporate Recovery – Kookmin Ilbo

This year, the key word for corporate staff is "innovation and change." This is because the number of companies they think can not keep up with technological changes in the current way of thinking and doing business are in the fourth era of the industrial revolution, symbolized by artificial intelligence (AI), large data and autonomous driving. The prospects for a global economic slowdown next year are also factors that lead companies to change. As a result, companies are expected to take an active role in recruiting out of talent, and will launch an initiative to introduce authorities into the organization while replacing the generations.

The most prominent part of the LG Group's staff this year is recruiting external talents. LG Group did not want to recruit external talent. It was a culture of talent raising mainly through internal promotion. However, this year, which is the first year of the inauguration of Kwangmoo Kwon, is different. LG Chem, born LG Group, took over the new 3M vice president, Shin, Hak-cheol, as the new CEO. We believe that LG Chem must have a global operating system that has advanced from petrochemical to materials, batteries and life sciences.

Existing general manager Park Shin-soo, LG Chemical, apart from the five vice-presidents of the director are detained. Instead, CEO Hong Bok-sik Bain & Company Korea is recruited as CEO of the LG Management Strategy team. One business official on August 28 said: "There is no artificial greetings, but if necessary, it's a message that we will actively hire outside."

Group Colon said that Lee was left as president for 23 years. Lee said: "I thought the real change would happen if I retreat." Lee, who does not want to deviate from his position if he helps in organizational innovation, will likely have a major impact on other companies, as well as a fresh shock.

In the meantime, the overall management activities centered on Chairman Li are centered around the Single Board, which is a consultative body in which the chairman of the main subsidiaries participates. The Commission will coordinate the main issues of governance, such as the Group's long-term management, large-scale investment and cooperation among affiliates. The Colon Group said: "In the past few years, we have created a younger and more dynamic line of CEOs through a new generation of welcome jobs." The young CEO will lead the transformation and innovation of the group. "On the same day, KT welcomed the replacement of seven of its related companies to increase group synergy.

Hyundai Motor expects to have a large number of people working next year. The company's revenues are still slow, and the future plan is uncertain. It is expected that POSCO, the first year of its inauguration, will actively call for changes.

One company official said: "Many companies are seriously considering the situation to feel the sense of the crisis in terms of survival." If there is a solution, there is no reason not to accept adverse staff or organizational restructuring. "

On the other hand, SK Group, which has solid results from major subsidiaries such as Samsung Group, SK Hynix and SK Innovation, who are in front of Li Jae-yonga, vice president of Samsung Electronics, however, AI, related cars, bio, etc. They are in the process to become visible, so we can not exclude the possibility that the reorganization and human resources activities will be actively realized.

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