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SK Corporation Large expansion of the emission reduction device

SK Incheon Petrochemical Co. (CEO Nam Kyu Choi, a photo) announced that he will invest more than $ 50 billion in building an environmentally friendly and safe workplace.

SK Incheon Petrochemical has invested more than 330 billion KRW since 2006 and said it will further strengthen its efforts to create environmentally friendly business locations by expanding the plant to reduce pollutant emissions and optimize process plants.

The company plans to reduce the amount of NOx, one of the representative air pollutants, by more than 83 t per year, by installing an exhaust gas denitrification system (SCR) during the scheduled maintenance scheduled for the second half of this year. In addition, it will save 2% of the total annual fuel consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 36,000 tons annually by optimizing the heat exchange network and replacing the crude oil processing plant.

SK Incheon Petrochemical has invested heavily in ecologically acceptable and safety sectors since 2006 when it acquired SK Corp. and managed to reduce dust emissions by 97%. Oxide sulfur (SOx) and nitrogen oxides were also reduced by 84.7% 69.3%, compared to 2006.

The representative of SK Incheon Petrochemical said: "Despite the addition of a new large plant in 2014, continuous reduction in air emissions continues to result in investment in safety, health and environmental protection systems." The operation of the "energy cycle", which uses social infrastructure to create social value for the environment, will begin in November.

It is a network that is steadily supplying energy for cooling and heating in the large residential complex Incheon Petrochemical connecting the heat source of the production process SK Incheon Petrochemical with the infra thermal network in the group energy companies.

The total offer is around 280,000 G per year, which means that 40,000 households can use it for one year.

SK Incheon Petrochemical is expected to reduce energy consumption by 27,000 tons of liquid natural gas (LNG) or 56,000 tons of bituminous coal annually. It is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 50,000 tons per year and air pollutants such as sulfur oxides by about 100 tons.

Choi Nam-gyu, president of SK Incheon Petrochemicals, said: "We grew up on the basis of mutual growth with the local community, and we will become a company that will create the most environmentally-friendly and secure factory through continuous innovation."

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