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"The need to increase the private pension role by joining the retirement pension obligation"

Faster aging … To secure income from old age
On October 22, the forum on "remodeling a pension system that guarantees age earnings" emphasized that the role of public pension and private pensions is necessary in order to guarantee an adequate age. Public pensions, such as a national pension, can not guarantee old income, so that means supplementing them with a private pension.

Kang Sung-ho, director of the research institute for social security of the Korean Institute for International Development, said: "As advanced countries like Australia and the United Kingdom have become old, only public pensions make it more difficult to guarantee retirement and implement a policy to revitalize private pensions." . If the share of elderly people over 65 years of age and older among the total population is over 14%, it is defined as an old society.

He also proposed setting standards to clarify the role of public pensions and private pensions. For example, assuming the target replacement rate is 70%, the public pension (national pension and basic pension) is 40%, and a private pension is 30%. Kang stressed: "It is necessary to specify the level of the contribution of the public pension system in order to ensure effective measures for guaranteeing age."

There is also a proposal that institutional complementation is necessary for the functioning of private pensions. In other words, it is necessary to increase the private pension wealth by changing the ceiling of individual payments of pensions by age. The increase in private pension wealth is the result of an analysis that can increase the return on various investments.

Kim Kyung-rock, director of the Mirae Institute for the Research of Pensions, said: "40 and 50 years of high income should increase their retirement income by raising ceilings so they can pay more money." Kim added: "If tax incentives, such as income deductions, were to be introduced into taxpayers with low incomes, which are meaningless without customs, the government should consider adopting an appropriate method that provides a certain subsidy."

The obligatory pension system was also discussed. Currently, pensions for retirement are added to a total of 5.38 million workers in 350,000 enterprises across the country. However, SMEs do not have a high percentage of retirement pensions due to external reserves.

Kwak Hee-kyung, director of the Social Insurance Pension Ministry of the Ministry of Employment and Labor, said: "Since the pension pension is voluntary, there are not many workers in the dead place." "In order to promote the introduction of retirement pensions to small and medium-sized enterprises, the government is promoting the introduction of the" Pension Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises "to reduce the administrative and financial burden on SMEs and provide public pension management services to pensionable pensions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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