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"The quality of emperor Shin Sung Rok, suggest to false Chiang Yi to defend Elijah

Shin Sungkro proposed Yang Na to protect this Elijah.

On the night of 28, SBS "Carica Carice" (played by Kim Soon-ok, directed by Dongmin) 5-6 times, Lee Hyuk (Shin Sungrock) was Oh Sonny (Yang Na-ra)

Earlier, the womb (Shin Eun-kyung) restricted Minh Yura (Lee Elijah) to cement him and warned him "to depart from his majesty." He said, "This is a matter of human dignity." He said, "From now on, the question of your Majesty is solved."

Oh Sunny returned to Lee Hyeok. Oh, Sonny handed me a hand-held lunch box and asked, "Have I ever been here?"

Lee said, "Yes," Lee said, "I liked Mr Oh Sunny as a fan." He said, "I never thought about the fan." So Onni stole tears and returned home.

That night, his students met the whole beach and run. Lee kneels on his knees and says: "I'm wrong, I will not do it anymore." "Do not do anything to Yuri."

Then Lee Hyeok said, "Oh Sunny, say hello to the Empress." Lee Hyeok was obliged to accept the words of the pig. He cried, holding the redemption of the Force, saying, "See, is your majesty the other woman's man?" Lee Hyeok was angry, Min-yuri said: "If you can keep it, it's nothing for you."

Lee returned to Oh Sunny. Lee said Oh Sunny: "I wanted to see you so sorry after I sent Sunny." Then Sonny said, "Why are you confused?" He said, "Let's live one another in our place."

Lee said, "It will not be easy." Since then he continued to help Oh Sunny. And he came to the music scene Oh Sunny and asked: "That was the best performance in my life."

On the other hand, Naeung-sik (Taehan Ho-min), who in spirit, asked me to help her, saying: "My mother died unjustly and I can not do anything until I get revived." So, Nauung-sik was recovered from the teacher's house.

Naeung-sik began to dream of revenge watching the announcement of the emperor's guard on television. In addition, he told his teacher, "Please, teach me," he told me his plan to become an imperial guard.

After some time, he went to training and transformed himself into a completely different form of Naeungika (Choi Jin-hyeok). I fooled myself with the fake name & # 39; Cheonwoo & # 39; and went to the imperial court to become an imperial guard.

(SBS funE Cho Yeon Hee editor)

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