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"With lovers, children, comrades" We go on a trip around Hoangkan around the country

[아시아경제 최신혜 기자] There is an increase in the number of visitors going to the mountain to the sea ahead of the heat season. All hotels across the country continue to show packages for the 'Birdhoo' family who prepares summer vacations ahead of time. There are also varied packages for enjoying top European spa programs with lovers, packages for walking with pets and packages for children's children's rooms.

According to the related industry at 18, Gangneung Seamark Hotel will launch for the first time in Korea the signature of Omorobise, the world's top skin care products in Europe.

Omorobi is a premium brand for the skin care of the Hungarian Budapest heritage of fermented spring water, based on Hungarian warm spring water, which is known for its rich mineral. Hotel Seamark will present various luxurious tea treatments through the Omorović spa spa program, which is presented as 100% Hungarian cosmetics based on hot spring water instead of purified water.

Spa programs include Hungarian classical Hungarian facial and body treatment that smoothly stimulates muscles and stimulates metabolism as well as exercise ▲ Signature Treatment ▲ Facial Treatment ▲ Treatment of the body treat special treatments like the needs of customers and a variety of programs adapted to fit.

Here you can find different products for each skin type, including Moore Mud collection with deep cleansing and detoxifying effects, Blue Diamond Collection for smooth skin and Gold Collection for the promotion of skin regeneration. Healing Concentrate, a patented technology that brings skin to the benefits of minerals in hot spring water, is introduced into all products to ensure skin elasticity and genuine healing of the mind and body.

The Mayhills Resort, managed by the hotel and hotel Glad, opened the "Pet Premier Suite". where you can stay with your pet.

The Mayhill Spa Premier Suites consists of a 45-foot, 58-foot, healing journey with pets in spacious rooms. The apartment is equipped with pets such as pets, Indian tents, pets for towels, bowel pads, rice bowls and wet tissues. In addition, you can enjoy a walk with your favorite pets in Tantang (road) that is connected to the access via the resort and the wide seaside road.

Situated 700 meters above sea level in the Jeonseon Palace, Gangwon-do, Seoul, 2 hours from Seoul, May Hills Resort is surrounded by natural and tourist attractions where you can enjoy the beauty of the four seasons. Haiwen CC is on a clean plateau. 24-hour spa and steam room, shop, billiard room, etc. In July and August in the summer there will be an outdoor swimming pool and outdoor barbecue.

Kensington Hotel Pyeongchang will present 'Four Info Package', which will present the perfect opportunity for your loved ones by August 31st.

Package for one person ▲ ▲ One night in the room Poinpo Kizu ▲ Buffet breakfast for three people in the green valley (2 adults, 1 child) Kids Welcome Kids Snack Set S Children's slippers and lobby Sw Sweet indoor pool and sauna 1 time 3 adults persons 2 persons, and a small person) in the Farm farm at the hotel 1 pine hay, amenities children's children's jungle facilities, 1 set, 1 Kensington bear.

Poinpo Kids Room is a concept of a room with the concept of "fantasy excursion with fantasy and adventure". In the guest room, various characters, including 'Bibi' and & # 39; Popo & # 39; from "Dongwha Nara Poinpo", broadcast on KBS, welcomed the children and set up a comfortable place to rest for a child by installing an environmentally friendly Joybitent. In addition, it also provided "Kids Kids Snack Set" consisting of sweet macaroni, jellies and cakes, a set of children from the jungle of children and the Kensington Bear. The Poinoko Children's Room offers a variety of themes, including Aladdin Room and Petar Pan Room.

A buffet breakfast is served in the green valley (2nd floor) and is served in the café Flora (1st floor), with 20,000 square meters of outdoor garden from 20 to 18 July. In the garden of the hotel there is an animal-based farm based on experience, where you can feed the hay directly to the deer, sheep and rabbits and feel sympathy.

If you want to complete the complete children's experience with the Fourinfo package, you can use the Fourinfo Play Lounge (2nd floor). Built around 285 square meters, Poinpo Play Lounge is a closed playground where children can safely enjoy fine dust and surroundings without any threat. It is equipped with 10 types of game equipment, such as tunnels, rotary windmills, slides, swings and climbing, junglegim, an "artistic block" of environmentally friendly materials, slim products certified by a national integrated marker marker and relaxation at the same time.

Lotte Hotel Jeju will display the "Rage Moment" package by July 1, which can stay 27 hours a night.

Guests can apply at 2:00 pm on the first day of their stay and check out the second day at 5:00 pm to enjoy a variety of package amenities at the hotel until 27:00 and enjoy a peaceful meeting. Deluxe Garden Room 1 night, 17:00 Late check out, Momoyama lunch 2 unlimited sushi, 2 wind farms, 1 family set (homemade fried chicken, French fries, 2 soft drinks) This package offers 1 package of pillows and can be checked from Sunday to Tuesday, with an initial price of 410,000 KRW per night (tax and service are not included). If you book via the Lotte Hotel website, you can get 10,000 winnings and take advantage of the 400,000 win.

The Splash Night concert will be held from August 7 to August 31, where you can swim under the moon around 2 hours from 7 pm every day except Tuesdays and enjoy sweet performances. Famous artists will feature performances in various genres, from favorite children's songs to popular drama and musical OSTs.

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