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Borussia wins first match of the season, Liverpool continue flawlessly (VIDEO)

Pako Alcaser,
Pako Alkasers | Photo: Dortmund "Borussia"

In the first game of the season, German Vice-Champion Dortmund Borussia confidently beat Augsburg by a score of 5: 1. Meanwhile, the English Arsenal London won the second victory in two matches, beating Burnley 2-1.


Borussia were ahead of Augsburg with 5-1. The home crowd was already in the first minute, although two minutes later Pako Alcaser reached 1: 1. The next goal scorer saw the start of the second half when James Sancho was accurate – 2: 1. In the 57th minute, Marko Roiss increased Borussia's lead to 3: 1, the 59th minute of the second goal for Alkaser in the 59th minute, with the score 5: 1 by Julian Brants.

In other games, Leverkusen's Bayer 04 defeated Paderborn 07 3-2, Freiburg beat Mainz 05 3-0, Bremen Verderes defeated Fortun in Düsseldorf, and Wolfsburg two. balls at goal Cologne 2: 1.


Arsenal were defeated by Burnley by a score of 2-1. Alexander Lakazet's home game nearly increased the lead in the 13th minute. Just before the break, visiting striker Ashley Barns made it 1 – 1. Pierre Obameyang scored Arsenal's winning goal in the 64th minute.

The second victory was also won by the vice-champion of England Liverpool, who scored three points in the away game against Southampton with 2: 1. In the 73rd minute his teammate Roberto Firmino doubled Liverpool's lead to 2-0.

The home side's Denijs Ingss came close to extending the lead 83 minutes into the game.

Birmingham's Aston Villa lost 1-0 to Bournemouth, Brighton and Hove Albion, with London's West Ham United fighting 1-1, Liverpool's Everton win over Watford by one goal – 1-0, with Norwich City celebrated success over Newcastle with a score of 3: 1.

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