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For people with metabolic disorders, skin care is particularly important – Beauty – Egoiste

Dry, cracked skin is more susceptible to bacteria and increases the risk of infection, so special attention should be paid not only to balanced nutrition but also to proper skin care. The advice provided by the pharmacist "Euroaptikas" Ieva Zvagule and the MFD Health Center "Pārdaugava", the dermatologist Lāsma Kalnbērze, will be useful not only for people with diabetes, but also for those who have skin problems during the cold months of the year.

"Diabetes is a serious condition that requires a person to be more attentive to his body than a healthy person can afford." Unfortunately, the skin often feels the effects of this disease, and will definitely be grateful for a healthy, healthy, and vitamin-rich diet that will enable her to gain valuable but other tips will be helpful to avoid some common skin health issues, "said Dr. Lāsma Kalnbērza, dermatologist at the MFD Health Center "Pardaugava".

People with diabetes often have dry skin, so it is advisable to use gentle detergents such as soap and shower gels and shampoos. It should be remembered that warm water is not a good friend for normal skin, but people with a tendency to dry skin especially recommend avoiding warm baths and showers. After washing, the skin should be thoroughly thickened and rubbed with oily lotion, lotion, cream or flower. "The skin can be extremely dry in winter," says Lāsma Kalnbērza, "so hold your face and hands in the cold and windy weather: use a protective flower or creamy grease before shining, protect the lip balm and always wear gloves." Important in cold and dry conditions. maintain adequate moisture in the rooms in months, as dry air also drains the skin.

In turn, the pharmacist "Euroapketas" Iev Zvagule reminds that the true supermoter is a vegetable oil that, when absorbed in the skin, helps to create a natural protective layer, hydrates the skin and prevents it from getting out of the skin: "All natural oils contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, which has an antioxidant effect, as well as other oils and vitamins that are soluble in water that have a beneficial effect on the function of the skin. The proportions of the substances are different in each oil, but each of them saves, nourishes and nourishes the skin, protects the call, reduces inflammation and redness, the options are wide – coconut, avocado, almond, argent, night soap and various other oils! If it's hard to find the right one, the pharmacist will be happy to help!

Irritation of the skin, irritation, allergic reactions

People with diabetes more often develop skin irritation and irritation, so it is advisable to choose products that are sensitive to the skin without excessive odor, color and other chemicals that can irritate the skin. Medications for diabetics can also cause hepatitis and allergic reactions – in this case, you may need to change them in consultation with your doctor.

"Moist and warm environments are useful for bacterial growth and the development of infection, so keep dry areas on the skin between and below the chest, hips and armpits," says Lomas Kalnberzas. "In these areas of the skin there should be no creams in too thick, because too much moisture can contribute to the development of fungi. However, the dehydration powder can help to dry these places."

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