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Homemade & # 39; Printify & # 39; and & # 39; Printful & # 39; They are among the fastest growing companies in the USA

Two companies based in Latvia are headquartered in the prestigious American business magazine "Inc." created by 5000 fastest growing companies on August 14th. Printify ranks 24th, Printful ranks 564th, both companies report. Inc.5000 is a list of US private companies that was first compiled in 1982 and has become a hallmark of business success.

Inc. the top of the magazine is based on company turnover data from 2015 to 2018. To qualify for the list, the minimum turnover should have reached at least 100,000 in 2015 and $ 2 million in 2018. Freestar, an Arizona-based marketing and advertising company, ranked first on this year's list with a growth of 36,680%. Inc.5000 also hosts an Arizona awards ceremony to celebrate the achievements of the companies listed.

Printify.Inc has grown 7926% over the past three years, ranking it in the fastest growing group in San Francisco, ranked 2 in technology companies and 5 in California, where Printify was born in 2015. Jānis Berdigans, Artis Kehris and Gatis Dukurs. "The key to Printify's rapid success lies in its combination of business ideas, customer focus and a unified, results-oriented team. Growth is our main focus," Berdigan says.

Draugiem Printful Group ranked 564th with 786 percent growth. Similarly, Printful first announced its finances, Printful Inc. and JSC Printful Latvia invested $ 77 million in 2018 compared to $ 46 million in 2017. "Printful's finances are up nearly 70% year over year. To continue this growth, we plan to expand into new markets by opening offices and manufacturing facilities, as well as by continuously developing new products and integrations," says Davis, co-founder and CEO CEO of Printful Belt. Printful prints and manufactures e-commerce order products and ships them.

The Printify.Inc subsidiary registered in Latvia is Printify Development Ltd., which employs more than 90 employees from 15 countries. In 2018, the company’s total sales reached $ 10.5 million, and for 2019 it is projected to reach $ 30 million. Kehris says that while the customers of this company are online primarily registered in America, the entire Printify team is headquartered in Speaker, Riga, and is also growing rapidly and plans to add to it this summer.

Printful Inc. is a US based printing company that is part of the Latvian Draugiem Group. Printful Latvia AS is a company of Printful Inc. a Riga-based subsidiary providing software development, marketing, customer support, market research and financial services. Printful Inc. works for the North American market with departments in the US (Los Angeles, California and Charlotte, North Carolina) and Mexico (Tijuana). European orders are provided by the Latvian subsidiary Printful Latvia. To grow faster in Spanish-speaking countries, the company's offices have opened in Barcelona this summer. Printful is a privately owned company owned by Lauris Liberts and Agris Tamanis, the founder of Draugiem Group.

The Printful and European Factories headquarters, which employs a team of more than 250 people, will continue to be based in Latvia, the company promises. Currently, it employs more than 600 people worldwide. Printful has printed more than 11.5 million products so far, while customers have sold more than $ 540 million (€ 478 million). a list of the fastest growing US companies is available here.

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