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On evening shows, for the second time, the evening is judged at its peak

On Wednesday, November 28, the TV3 showers are dedicated to the latest show of the "Dinner of the Fourth" show, featuring actress Ante Aizupa, three officials – beach volleyball player Aleksander Samoilov, sports journalist Edgar Barbak and expert Denis Shevlevov.

Anthony Edgar described that evening as an "interesting woman". "She does not eat anything, she does not like it, she did not cover me at all." Edgar spoke of Anthony's eating habits.

How Edgar worked with guests for reception and entertainment, read here!

The actress, who, in masculine origin, eats a little, is determined to give her guests detailed food.

Alexander was pleased that he finally had the opportunity to enjoy a good lunch. In the meantime, the sports journalist had a second opinion. "By definition, it should not be a lot to learn to cook as a real boem, it is still an actress, it is applied somewhere and it is removed somewhere. The better the actress, the worse you ought to cook, and vice versa," Edgar revealed .

Anta stressed that tonight the ban is not allowed, because after dinner the company plans to bring it to the theater.

Edgar and Denis came first, but Alexander was late. "It's a known challenge – to arrive on time," said a sports journalist.

Denis, who came to the volleyball in the first evening when the guests were already ready for the dance, insisted that Alexander can not wait for more than ten minutes.

"For the first time – to see, the pain has remained – we started eating without him." Sasha is now postponed. He (Denis-ed.) He says: "Let's start eating, we will not wait for it," explained Edgar.

While Edgar Denis entertained guitar sounds, Anta's kitchen served as a snack.

Finally, Alexander was present, and the company went without problems. Households served vegetables with creamy soups. Anta, too, was not caught in her house by eating, which explained her excitement. The main dish served with lasagna, but in dessert – a curd with fresh strawberries.

How the men were right, entertained Ante's party on a theater performance.

Anta's hospitality, cooked food and the acting team tripled twelve years – got the highest possible result of 36 companies, the second event in the history of the show.

Will Anta come to a useful prize, watching dinner at the end of Thursday, November 29, when Denis will take busy guests.

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