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Singer Samantha Tina defended her graduation thesis

In recent years, singer Samantha Tina has been able not only to play in Latvia and Lithuania, but also to successfully study at the School of Economics and Culture.

In 2017, Samantha decided to continue her studies, and since she had a training base from other universities, she was enrolled for the third year.

Photo: Samantha Tina enthusiastically enthralled with a stylish décolleté

Two years have passed, she has defended her thesis, and in front of her is only a diploma!

As a big event, the musician informed fans via social networks. Showing how to defend the thesis, wait for results and great joy to get the grade.

Samantha is pleased that she managed to defend her job and get her ninth!

After learning notes, the singer and his fellow students joined the university by holding the graduation papers.

Later, all the lucky ones went to some of the popular entertainment spots in Riga to celebrate their success by enjoying refreshing drinks.

Photo: In Lithuania, singer Samantha Tina, "ripped" a gypsy baron

Her success was welcomed by her colleague Sabina Berezin, Ilona Bagele, Liene Greifane and Nikolai Puzikov.

Most colleagues and fans congratulate the musician on graduation, but there are also those who express their thoughts about the ineffectiveness of the education system. It creates a different mind and thinks education is important!

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