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SM is committed to providing international driver licenses in Latvia

The Ministry of Transport (MOF) encourages the issuance of international driving licenses in Latvia, which is confirmed by regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the procedure for obtaining and updating driving licenses, as well as on the procedure for issuing, exchanging, upgrading and removing driver's licenses.

SM recently said that the owners of the Latvian driving license wanted to use their own or work abroad, including in remote and exotic countries. The Latvian driver's licenses fully comply with the Vienna Convention on Road Transport and the 1968 European Union Law, but some countries are required to issue international driving licenses, so the USSR complained about the issuance of such driver licenses to individuals.

In order to facilitate the use of the Latvian driver's licenses abroad, amendments to this Regulation are intended to begin issuing internationally-issued driver's licenses, which are voluntarily complementary to existing national driving licenses.

An amendment to the Instruction provides that an international driving license shall be a paper-based A6-issued document (booklet), issued in addition to the driver's license in conformity with the 1968 Vienna Convention on Traffic. They are planning to begin production on January 1, 2020.

Additionally, amendments to the Regulation require that the driver of the CDD be provided with a document confirming the end of the school, which is regarded as a complete electronic exchange of information between the automated schools and the NHAs for the trainees.

In Latvia, there is a need to improve the norm setting out the procedure for examination of foreign certificates issued by foreigners in case of the possibility of exchanging a false or illegal driver's license. There were also provisions on the procedure for restoring the driver's rights in cases where a person is forbidden to use a driver's license or a driver's license.

GMOs access four-wheeled mopeds to those who wish to obtain a driver's license, so adjustments to the rules include the possibility of separating the test requirements for the moped type. In addition, the skills required to handle four-wheel mopeds are different because they are needed for a two-wheel moped. According to the amendments to the Regulation, this person will only provide additional code that specifies the power to drive a four-wheel moped.

In order to encourage drivers of moped and motorcycle to use appropriate clothing and footwear, draft regulations require the use of special clothing, gloves and comfortable shoes during the exam, taking into account the events that occurred during the motion testing. This practice exists in many countries of the European Union.

On the other hand, you can get a bicycle driving license in educational institutions.

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