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Two children in the Children's Hospital died during the month / article / LSM.LV

During the month, two children who did not receive medical assistance in the Clinical Hospital for Children (BCU) died in time.

One of the children was ill with long cough and died because of severe complications because she was not vaccinated. The second child did not receive the required dose of vitamin K after delivery, leading to bleeding disorders and bruising in the mode, which led to the death of a child.

BKUS recalls that the introduction of a vaccine and vitamin K is an extremely important preventive measure whose primary goal is to reduce child mortality. These activities are conducted according to a specific calendar, whose exact respect is essential for the protection of children at critical stages of development, when the risk is highest. Prevention of the disease is the rights of the child, whose respect is shared by both parents and health workers.

Two accidents could not have happened if health workers and parents, taking into account the child, take into account modern, proven medical information and practices, emphasize the BCU.

Infectious Disease Dace Zavadskis told Latvian television that bacteria are coming out of a long cough and that the baby does not cough and can not breathe. Everything literally explodes in the body. "Interruption of the abdominal cavity, rupture of tonsillitis in the brain, bruising in the eyes, break the boundaries," Zavadsk said. In turn, vitamin K can be given both in muscles and in the form of droplets – in the mouth, taking into account doses and timing.

Submissions to the Health Inspectorate were made for infant deaths, asking them to assess the responsibility of the involved medical practitioners.

Data show that in the past eight years, 15 children in Latvia have died from diseases that can be cheated against the vaccine. Two children died of tuberculosis in 2010, after five years of death, the cause of the flu was a flu – the youngest was only eight months old. One year later, a child who was not vaccinated against long cough died a month later. Long cough was the cause of the death of two newborns.

Hospital doctors have published an open letter about parents, health workers and everyone interested in the lives and health of children in Latvia, trying to focus on providing precise and timely preventive measures.

"In Latvia, we can feel grateful that we are able to apply the medical achievements of the world class. We can be grateful that our country and professionals have provided the best possible ways to protect family members, especially children, from the risk of infectious diseases, how many children they still have to lose their health or even life, so we believe in vaccine efficacy and the consequences of wrong decisions? "BKUS experts say in a letter.

"There are diseases that can not be cured, but the diseases that today, in the 21st century, are an opportunity not only to cure, but also to prevent the risk of their illness." Refusing to vaccinate, we leave behind safe, proven and effective medical guidelines, we , adults and professionals endanger the life of a child and the right to a healthy life, "says a specialist.

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