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10 signs speak: a heart attack is approaching

But the good news is that this is just a joke, not a scientific fact, because our bodies are actually sending clear warnings about the supposed cardiac problem. If we are sufficiently warned, we will be able to observe these signs and go to medical care before it is too late.

Here we offer symptoms that can be non-serious, which sometimes leads us to ignore them. These symptoms may be a warning bell that warns us of a close heart attack, such as small wrinkles in the ear or constant twitching.

Yellow tumor
Whether fatty spots are suddenly occurring in the eyelids, hips, knees and knees, which are often harmless. These fatty bags are a sign of a high level of cholesterol, so our blood vessels are not able to hold them, thus releasing them underneath the skin, and begin to appear in the form of these protuberances.

These medical events mean that your vessel needs emergency medical intervention because you can have atherosclerosis, which points to heart problems, says Mind Paddy Green.

Whipping during intense exercise
Many people do not realize that the body has several ways to cool down, in addition to sweating. This includes living, which helps in the supply of oxygen and reduces the internal temperature.

If this mechanism fails to modify the internal thermal system even after physical effort and intense exercises, it can be disturbing. If during the exercise it is consistently growing, it can be an indication of a heart problem.

Hateful self-confidence
Medical studies have shown a link between gums and heart problems, as bacteria that cause damage at the gum level can be moved to the cardiovascular system and begin to destroy it.

Blue lips
In normal circumstances, the lips become blue when the time period is too cold and quintessentially low body temperature. But this is a temporary situation, and soon the lips return to normal when we get some heat.

If the lips become blue in normal times, there are problems with blood circulation in the body. As a result, a person needs to speed up consultations with a cardiologist and obtain detailed examination of the heart and blood vessels.

Chemical changes in nails
Color changes and the shape of nails or increased thickness can be caused by problems in the blood vessels.

Wrinkles in the ear color
In the medical world, this phenomenon is called Frankova mark which represents diagonal wrinkles in the ears and indicates the possibility of atherosclerosis. More than forty medical studies have shown that this problem relates to atherosclerosis, a disease that increases the thickness of the artery walls, Blood Flow.

A new study showed the link between these wrinkles and the problem of cerebral vascular disease. Therefore, all those who suffer from these symptoms should contact a doctor immediately.

Hair loss
The rapid or early loss of hair, especially in men, is worrying and can be caused by a disease in the blood vessels.

Appearance of gray hair early
Hair is also a way of recognizing heart problems, especially when the transition begins with a gray passage. The European Association for Cardiology has shown that gray hair may be associated with coronary artery syndrome, arteriosclerosis, and arteriosclerosis.

Halo oko irisa
There are greasy labels around your eyes, such as a gray iris ring. This medical condition is called a squalid arch, and it can be seen above and below the iris, and then in the form of a complete ring.

This does not affect vision, and often occurs in people older than 60 years. Doctors have linked this indicator to an increased risk of heart disease.

You feel dizzy when you wake up
This problem is known in the medical field to reduce the pressure of coercion, which is a sudden drop in blood pressure when a person suddenly stands. This situation usually lasts only two minutes. But if it lasts longer, especially for those older than 55, it can be a sign of a serious problem.

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