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"Astronomical Jedi" on August 30 rejects claims of the end of the world

12-16-1440 01:57

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Jeddah Astronomical Society responded to the allegations of a person who appeared in a recent video on social media claiming a major catastrophe or end of the world on Friday 30 August 2019, noting that this was not true and that there was no risk of a collision on the planet comets. Or an asteroid on Earth.

The Astronomical Society – through its Facebook page on the social networking page – that from the scientific point of view of astronomical observation of the sky there is no asteroid or large comet when colliding with a planet at that date, and the level of danger on the scale (Turin) or Libra (Palmero), by which it is confirmed that everything is normal.

Generally, no asteroids or comets were discovered that would affect the Earth at any given time. All known potentially dangerous asteroids have a low probability of less than 0.01% of Earth's impact in 100 years, said Jeddah astronomer Eng. Coming.

Abu Zahra pointed out that the sky dome is constantly monitored and constantly monitored through many observatories scattered around the world, looking for large asteroids that can damage our planet and determine its paths through space for the near future.

He added that up to this point, no real threats are known, except for meteorites that are constantly falling and are harmless, as well as firing small asteroids in the atmosphere from time to time.

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