Thursday , April 22 2021

Bou Saab from his position announces a pardon for military killers

National Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab gave a speech in the city of Abra during the sponsorship of an honorary celebration of the military establishment and its martyrs, organized by the municipality of Abra and the Lebanese Youth Movement, and the opening of a military square in the city.

Bo Saab said in his speech: "Today we celebrate here in Abra in the fulfillment of the martyrs of the army and all those who have fallen to stay at home."

He emphasized that "the South met the love of all Lebanese and resistance against the Israelis and this led to victory in the July war and congratulated the martyrs of the fallen army at the time," noting that "no one could change the shape and identity of Sidon."

"No one is negotiating the blood of the martyrs of the Lebanese military and a military facility is your guarantee and the law takes your right," Saab said. "This bet will not lead to results because Lebanese love for this institution is greater than any examination and it is a guarantee."

He added: "I heard the day before that the role of the Lebanese army was being questioned and in the coming hours I would respond to this conversation." He also thanked Mayor Abraham, who felt he "wanted to serve his country and its people and was extremely insistent on putting on an arena on behalf of the Lebanese army." .

Bou Saab concluded by saying, "Islam is a religion of love, and terrorism is terrorism and does not belong to any particular religion. Those who reach out to the Lebanese military will face justice, let it be a lesson to anyone who dares to reach out to the military."

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