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Microsoft supports the improved reality of the new Minecraft Earth game

On Friday, Microsoft unveiled a version of the enhanced reality technology of its famous Minecraft game, which allows mobile users to create, display, and collect game elements that appear as 3D images in the real world.

The US software giant said it would begin testing a new game called the Minecraft Earth – according to the call system during the summer of 2019. Those who are interested in testing the game can register and subscribe from now to select them when starting the test. The company did not publish the launch date for everyone.

Microsoft supports the improved reality of the new Minecraft Earth game

The game "Mine Craft Earth" will allow players to collect resources that they find on their way every day, and will enable cooperation with friends in creating objects that look integrated in the real world.

In 2015, Microsoft bought the company, developer of the game, "Maine Craft" for $ 2.5 billion, which was the first job for the company's new CEO at that time, Satya Nadile.

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The main craft is popular around the world and allows players to create virtual worlds using point cubes that mimic objects in the real world and allow interaction with animals and other creatures.

The main craft has more than $ 1.3 billion in sales between 2015 and 2018, according to research firm SuperData. However, the sale of the game began to decline, estimated at $ 279.8 million last year, compared with $ 400 million in 2015.

It is believed that the new Maine Craft Earth came to compensate for this decline, especially as enhanced real-time games on mobile devices became popular after the launch of Pokemon Go by Niantic in 2016.

"Mine Craft is still a widespread game, but one of the things we face is how can we expand this experience?" Said Stephen McHag, Business Director at Mine Craft.

The game "Mine Craft Earth" draws virtual maps of streets, resorts and parks in the user environment, enabling him to communicate with virtual objects, such as fishing in water models, or cutting trees from trees or feeding animals.

The game will be available for Android and iOS mobile devices. According to McHaj, the testing phase will include other areas other than the US.

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