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A family doctor on colds – why not always have to hurry to the clinic

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Coldness – a viral infection that does not come from cold weather or from bathing in cold water, Family Doctor Valeriy Morozov believes in LRT TV show "Hello Morning, Lithuania". The disappearance is most often infected by another person. The doctor also denied the myth that it would turn the flu into a flu.

Symptoms of the cold include swollen nose, throat pain, sore throat, sputum swallowing, eating, high temperature, cough, light blue light. After 1-3 days, the patient is gradually feeling symptoms of the virus.

Common colds are children under the age of 6 years. Because of such illness, parents should not worry, the doctor calms, because it gives children immunity. Another group of people living cold is people who live in groups or frequent visits to mass gatherings, as well as elderly people who use a lot of drugs and smokers for smoking reduced resistance to mucus viruses.

According to V. Morozov, it is easy to separate the flu from the cold – the grip "immediately goes". When we get flu, suddenly we feel high temperature – 38.5-39 degrees, but it is difficult to attack drugs. When you have flu, you suffer from head and throat pain, muscle twitching, chills, light rage.

The family doctor says the biggest mistake in the cold does not respond to the symptoms. Drugs that eliminate or reduce symptoms require, but "forget" the disease – work, which often leads to complications – is not necessary. Another major mistake in the cold is to go straight to your doctor to take strong medication. The best way to recover is lie, rest and taking mild medication. If you want to consult a doctor – it is recommended that you call him by phone, rather than the risk of getting infected more in the hospital.

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