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Another special meeting: Prince Charles visited the youngest grandson of Archie

Although Archie Harrison had Mountbatten-Windsor's world on May 6, Prince Charles visited his granddaughter only on Wednesday afternoon. A spokesman for the British royal family, Harper's Bazaar, confirmed that his grandfather had gone to Frogmorov's hut to greet little Archy.

Prince Charles with his wife, Duchess Kamil, was in a royal visit to Berlin. So I returned and hurried to visit the smallest family member. A few days ago, the Duke of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton, and his wife, Prince William, also visited Frogmore.

Photo: Catherine Middleton and Prince William / Vida Press

Photo: Catherine Middleton and Prince William / Vida Press

Only born Archie Catherine and William greeted and gave television interviews.

"I am proud and congratulate my brother on entering the world where there is a dream forever," he laughed at William.

"This is a special time. Charlotte has already celebrated her birthday with Louise, and I can safely say it's good to have a baby in the spring, "Katherine said with a smile.

Queen Elizabeth II was one of her first eight prankers. This special meeting was attended by Prince Philip and mother Meghan Markle Doria Ragland, currently in Britain.

The presentation of the sons did not hide the excitement.

"He's very quiet." It's like a dream, "said Meghan Markle. – A terrible feeling.

Prince Harry, smiling, was convinced that paternity was a fantastic thing. A special moment of dating was taken by photographer Chris Allerton.

"It's only a couple of days when we're together, but we're crazy happy with this joy pack," said Prince Harry.

As the British media say, the boy was born May 6 at 5 pm. 26 мин. (English time). The baby weighed 3,260 kg. According to the press, the birth went smoothly. Megan and the newborn feel great. Prince Harry was also present at the birth, which did not hide the excitement when he spoke to the media and thanked everyone for his support and love.

The baby was discovered and was born on Friday. Meghan and Harry's son was born in a private hospital in Portland, in the center of London. This is revealed in Archie's birth certificate, which is distributed in the press. Meghan, a Duchess of Sussex, was proclaimed Princess of the United Kingdom in this birth certificate. Catherine Middleton, a Duchess of Cambridge, is also listed in the testimony of all three children.

News that the Duchy of Sussex will become his parents published on October 15. Like the boy's name, the official site of the Kensington Palace has announced a wonderful message.

Although Prince Harry is the most natural prince, his offspring will get a completely different title. Since the royal wedding was held in May, Marche and Prince Harry were called the Duke of Sussex, their posterity became the Lord.

Markle and Prince Harry are already in seventh place on the throne. In the meantime, Prince Harry is sixth.

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