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License for civil aviation suspended Small Planet Airlines license Business

On Wednesday, the Vilnius Regional Court decided not to accept the request of Small Planet Airlines to launch a restructuring process for the company, 15 minutes Simon Bartkus, commercial director of the company, informed. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has suspended a license to operate the company since the 29th day.

It is believed that Tez Tour and Novaturo will function as expected and will be managed by another airline.

The District Court in Vilnius on Wednesday refused to file a restructuring case, and the CAA notified the suspension of the company's operating license.

CAA assures that it will not affect either Tez Tour or Novaturo customers – tourists will travel and travel according to the plan, and only other air carriers fly.

It did not restart the file

"Today, the Vilnius District Court issued an order refusing to initiate the restructuring process", – 15 minutes Simon Bartkus informed.

He informed that the verdict could appeal to the Appellate Court of Lithuania within 7 days. He will not hear the order, he has not yet discovered it.

"The company will get acquainted with the court's arguments and decide on further actions," a company representative briefly commented on the situation.

A little later, after the decision on CAA's decision by S. Bartcu on the phone 15 minutes no journalist has gone.

Sigismund Gedvilla / 15min photo / Simon Bartkus

Sigismund Gedvilla / 15min photo / Simon Bartkus

A suspended license, but not a carrier's license

CAA decided on Wednesday, November 22, 2012. Until 01.01. to suspend a license to operate airlines issued by UAB "Small Planet Airlines" in local time.

Alvydas Šumskas, deputy director of the CAA, explained that only the commercial activities of the company were excluded, but the airline's certificate remains valid.

"The main argument is one – a bad financial balance and a business plan presented after a deep analysis do not show that it produces enough revenue that could help in the repayment of debts," – 15 minutes A.Sumskas said.

In his view, Small Planet Airlines will continue to be able to offer another business plan.

"The company has an open door to offer other options, maybe an investor will come in. The company itself is not closed, the carrier's certificate remains valid. Simply commercial activity has been suspended so far," said A. Shumskas.

Julius Kalinskas / 15min photo / Alvydas Šumskas

Julius Kalinskas / 15min photo / Alvydas Šumskas

Tours organized by Novaturas AB and Tez Tour UAB will run according to plan, flights will be operated by other air carriers.

"Everything should be good with your trip, because Novator previously said that he has Plan B, starts to plan B, the other company will fly. (…) They (tour operators – 15 minutes) were ready for several weeks ", – explained A. Shumskas.

The closest flights to Small Planet Airlines are scheduled to arrive on Thursday morning in Hurghada, and from there, tourists should be taken there.

Tez Tour will use GetJet

Turiste Tez Tour will hire charter company GetJet Airlines. A new agreement on cooperation with a new partner is signed, Tez Tour reports the media.

GetJet Airlines, a carrier, will operate flights on similar planes.

Scanpix / ITAR-TASS photo / Tez Tour

Scanpix / ITAR-TASS photo / Tez Tour

The registered company GetJet in Vilnius announces 7 aircraft, the company flies to the destinations of the Kidy Tour operator and serves foreign airlines.

The first flight scheduled for GetJet Airlines will be in Egypt – 90 passengers travel to Hurghada and 90 to Sharm El Sheikh. Also, tourists from Egypt will travel home to Lithuania.

Tez Tour in Lithuania Head of PR and Marketing Inga Aukštuolytė has convinced that tourists can feel calm – all obligations of tour operators will be fulfilled. Vacation breaks will be operated according to the pre-scheduled flight schedule.

"For us it is important that Small Planet Airlines professionally fulfill its obligations until the last moment," I. Aukštuolytė said. – We also welcome the efficiency and ability of our new carrier GetJet Airlines to timely and undisturbedly take over the transportation of our tourists in a selected winter holiday. "

Novatur was also ready

"We planned the plan" B "if the airline could not fulfill the contractual obligations, so in the event of such a situation it is necessary to use the nearest flights will be with GetJet Airlines," explains Linas Aldonis, General Manager of Novaturo.

Eriko Ovcharenko / 15min photos / Lin Aldonis

Eriko Ovcharenko / 15min photos / Lin Aldonis

Passengers who already have flights issued by Small Planet Airlines will be on a timetable with the relevant flights of GetJet Airlines.

Not convinced of the "investment protocol"

This week, Small Planet Airlines announced that it has signed an investment protocol with unnamed investors. The company refuses to disclose what the investor is.

Head of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Joris Gintilla BNS said this week that the company has not yet proved that it actually has an investor.

"What the investor is secret is, but this can be revealed from what they have presented, we do not see that investor has real evidence-based intentions. There may be desires, but now we do not have investors," said Gintila, BNS.

Skycop: We assume that bankruptcy is inevitable

Skycop's lawyer Nerijus Zaleckas, who protects the interests of passengers, presumes that the court probably refused to restructure Small Planet Airlines because the company may be insolvent.

Bearing in mind the fact that CAA has suspended the license of an airline that has prevented its functioning and revenue from being realized, we can assume that the company is inevitable because it will simply not have the ability to pay with its creditors, "explained Zaleckas.

"After the court decision to refuse the opening of the enterprise restructuring case has been restored, the restitution and realization of the assets are being restored, the applied interim measures and other decisions adopted to make a decision on the restructuring of the enterprise are canceled," he explained, noting that the company he still has 7 days to appeal the court order.

According to the lawyer, it is most likely that the court made a decision based on this law: 3) after examining the statement, the court makes a reasoned conclusion that the company is insolvent and if there are other conditions for the bankruptcy of the bankruptcy company specified by the Bankruptcy Law of the Republic of Lithuania, the statement must submit to the court the establishment of a bankruptcy proceeding in accordance with the procedure established by the Bankruptcy Law of the Republic of Lithuania.

"The company has the right to appeal to a court order or has the right to file a motion to initiate a bankruptcy proceeding before the court. Bearing in mind the fact that the Civil Aviation Authority has suspended a license to operate the airline, preventing its functioning and revenue from being realized, we can assume that the company is inevitable because they simply will not have the ability to pay with their creditors, "explains N. Zalecki

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