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O.Kuzmičius was seriously injured in an accident

Recently, the 29-year-old signed a contract with Belgrade's Red Star team Ognjen Cuzmi got into an accident.

Serbian media report that serious accidents happened on Sunday morning on the highway near Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina, when BMW and Porsche cars were hit. In the latter, a basketball player is mentioned.

It is said that Mr. Kymmičius and his two other passengers left the wedding ceremony and suddenly went to the opposite tape and confronted him with BMW.

Shortly thereafter, the Red Star club confirmed the news and added that Mr. Kuzmičius had suffered serious head and chest injuries on the Porsche court, which was immediately taken to the hospital. The player was reported to be in serious condition.

At best, the player is in a coma. The good news is that there is no blood spilling in the brain.

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