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Generation 1 & # 39; Transformers & # 39; design goals for purchase / film

Bumblebee Featurette

The Transformers the Paramount Pictures franchise saw great success in the box office, but that was certainly not something that most lovers of original animated series and Hasbro toys found with love. Much of this exclusion came from the design of the Transformers themselves, which were more industrial realism as they had hundreds of moving parts, rather than adhering to some of the previous designs that fans liked.

But that problem will be corrected in the upcoming one Transformers spin-off Bumbari. The new feature behind the movie scene focuses on updated Transformer designs, which are not really updated, but also the return to the original animated series. Will it be enough for fans to return to this franchise?

Bumlebee Featurette – generation 1 design

Generation 1 designs of characters like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee will finally give fans what they wanted to see for years, which could help buy a franchise that many of them gave up.

But, of course, there is more Transformers than how well they look on the big screen. There must be a good story that actually makes Autobots and Decepticons something to be done, and the film must be more than just big explosions and actions to remove metal. We got a lot of stuff from Michael Bay, and we want a little more heart with ours Transformers Please, please.

Since Bumblebe is in the hands of the director Travis Knight this time, there is hope that he can bring some similar sensibilities that he brought to his work in the animated studio LAIKA. She will have the help of a leading ladies Hailee Steinfeld, as well John Cena, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., John Ortiz, Jason Drucker, and Pamela Adlon on the living parts of things. Plus, Angela Bassett, Justin Theroux, David Sobolov, and Jess Harnell gives its votes to Decepticons, and Peter Cullen He returned as Optimus Prime.

In the fall of 1987, Bumblebee Autobot is seeking shelter in a waste in Little California. Charlie, on the verge of converting 18 years old and trying to find his place in the world, soon reveals a sharp and broken Bumbar. When Charlie revives him, he quickly learnsgiven that this is not an ordinary yellow Volkswagen.

Bumbari it opens December 21, 2018.

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