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The prosecution rejects allegations of embezzlement and fraud by Kang Sung Hoone

The prosecution rejected Kang Sung Hoone's embezzlement and allegations of fraud.

Last November, a group of fans of SECHSKIES filed a complaint against Kang Sung Hoone and his Hoony World fan club for allegedly misappropriating video projections held as an event for SECHSKIES's 20th anniversary anniversary on April 15, 2017 charged with fraudulent recording of profits as if they were donated while they actually embarrassed profits.

On July 17, the Central District Prosecutor's Office in Seoul rejected charges against Kang Sung Hoone for embezzlement and fraud due to lack of evidence.

The fans claimed that the remaining 40 million casualties (approximately $ 33,900), excluding video session costs, were not donated. Kang Sung Hoon is also charged with embezzling the remaining funds by transferring money to bank accounts owned by Hoony World moderator and moderator brother.

The prosecution argued that the main purpose of the event was video-projection rather than donation, and since the fundraising campaign was voluntarily held by fans, it is unreasonable to claim that Kang Sung Hoon cheated on his fans. They also explained that because Kang Sung Hoon and his fans did not decide on a certain amount or charity they could donate, he was not guilty of embezzlement.

Star News added that Kang Sung Hoon and Hoony World donated the amount after the issues were raised.

Kang Sung Hoon is also charged with playing SECHSKIES video-owned broadcasting companies on video projection and sharing them with members of the fan club in the form of a disc.

In connection with these allegations, the Prosecution argued that this was not a violation of copyright law because Kang Sung Hoon had the right to copy him as an individual on the video. Moreover, broadcasting companies that own pistons did not consider their actions to be problematic.

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