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[Act.] Dragon Ball FighterZ will be updated very quickly with new content –

Update: We leave you with an updated trailer:

Noticia original: Bandai Namco seems to continue to support Dragon Ball Fighter with new updates. Apparently, the game will be updated very quickly with new content.

Only a few minutes ago we were able to know it, in total three updates on the way to the First, who arrives today, includes two new features:

  • FighterZ Tournament, a new mod online game in the form of a tournament
  • Trophy room Z, a place to display and display Z trophies

We recommend that you be careful about their availability if you have a game. On the other side, December 5th, new avatars will be launched for Christmas and multiple color variants using another free update.

This is a message the company shares with details of all these developments:

FighterZ Tournament is a new online tournament mode that contains several new start rules that culminate in the last group of 8 players. The winners and participants in each tournament will receive special prizes and trophies Z, which players can display in their new Z trophy room.

This room is another new feature, and each player will have their own. Players will receive Z Trophies that can be displayed in Z trophies, as well as their avatars and more. Then, players can visit other rooms or invite their friends to show their collections.

The third action opens on December 5, 2018 and contains several new avatars with festive themes and color variations. The characters of Vegeta, Trunks, Tien and Android 18 will have avatars with the theme of Santa Claus, while Krilin and Buu will be dressed as deer and snow. The new set of colors of color, red, green and gold, will be available for all characters.

What do you think? We'll be careful if you share a video of these content. In the meantime, you can find more information about the game in our analysis.


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