Monday , March 8 2021

Andrea Legarreta boasts a huge breakout at a television Christmas party

Mexico City.- Andrea Legarreta it makes it again Instagram with a spectacular red dress with a sensual neckline on which she wore Christmas dinner dedicated to famous protagonists Televisa.

The A great hotel in Mexico City last night opened its doors to receive all the stars of various television programs, including drivers, gallants and first actresses.

Legarreta assumed the elegant Halston brand necklace, in which she praised her attributes and published hundreds of comments:

Spectacular to watch my beautiful dress "

Very nice elegant lady "

program Today she made her very happy with her colleagues from Television
Gretel Valdez,
Ariadne Díaz,
Zuria Vega i
Adriana Louvier. Publications in several photos each accumulate almost 25 thousand
Likes and have over 200 comments that praise the driver, her style and how well she looks at her for 47 years.


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