Monday , January 25 2021

Marchester: "(Sampaoli) called me to Argentina for the 2018 World Cup"

Past World Russia 2018 in the mouth ended with a bad taste Argentina, but especially for the goalkeeper Agustín Marchesín about America, he did not take part in the tournament and now he admitted that he was fooled.

Marchesín he was convinced of the technique of that time Argentina, Jorge Sampupoli, who directly contacted him and said that he would be part of the 23rd player's last call Peace, which eventually did not.

"It made me very lucky because it was the worst hit on my career. In my opinion, when you think of someone else's illusion and call you and become part of your team, you have a great impact on the illness, "said the goalkeeper. America In the Univision interview.

Marchenn, who invited Argentina to his Mexican counterpart, also commented on the goalkeepers' decisions. Albiceleste up to 2018 World, for which it was shown Franco Armani and Nahuel Guzmán ago Willy Caballero.

«(Franco) Armani I broke it down on Argentine football, it deserved to be the most deserving to me when it did not tell me thatNahuel) Guzmanbecause I was in this process. He understands that there is a great deal of support, and I have had to provide more support as an amateur ", he said.

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