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Querétaro vs Cruz Azul: past Pedro Caixinha vs Gallos; Liga MX

Mexico City –

History between Pedro Caixinha i Club Querétaro There are several chapters, some are not as favorable as defeat of this Opening 2018 and the best sporting moment of the Portuguese title Liga MX at the closing of 2015.

It was the second European coach's tournament Mexico and with the Cup Championship as the introduction letter he entered the Liguilla Clausura 2015 as the eighth place with 25 points. In Fiesta they eliminated the leader of Tigres and Chivas to be with Gallos, who lived in his best tournament First Division with Ronaldinho on the field.

This final won home from the Ida game with the slider 5-0 and poker Javier "Chuletita" Orozco.

"I had to score in the regular season and I worked very well in Liguilla." (Caixinha) I endured, held me up and told me that you would put the goals of the Finals in and see, it was not wrong, I had to make four goals in that dream final and is for history, "recalled Chulet Medium time.

"I know that Pedro is one of the players who gives the player a confidence and it is very important for the player."

These were the seasons Bakeries those who gave the third and last defeat of the tournament Cruz Azul of Caixinha, who finally ended up as a tournament leader.

This will allow him to win the duo Vuelta de los Cuartos de Finale, where the strategist needs to break through with other hexes Machine, that whenever he was the general leader in short tournaments he was eliminated in the quarter finals.

Nevertheless, Chulet believes that the ability of the Portuguese will be able to overcome this obstacle.

"I feel like I have (success), I remember talking to me about the first season that did not go so well and said" a little time, "it's difficult, motivational, I know the ability, I know they worked with the training we are working in Santos, he does it best, "he said.

On Wednesday, the coach and train begin a quest for the ninth star that was rejected at the club after 21 years.

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