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The dollar today: it fell 5 cents, close to $ 19.45

CDMX. The dollar finished day a 19.45 weight sales i 18.60 to the buy, five cents less than yesterday, while it is stock market estimates risks and professional relationship between Mexico i United States of America.

Mostly, the US currency lost 8.85 cents to sell 19,115 pesos.

Mostly, the US currency lost 8.85 cents. Photo: Reform

According to the analysis of the Bank's base, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will form a special commission to attend the Washington-based migration issue with Foreign Secretary Marcel Ebrard.

From the point of view of Banco Base, the plans and progress of the current administration in the field of migration are relevant to the market, as they will determine whether President Donald Trump will again adopt an aggressive attitude towards Mexico.

Lee also insists on Trump in a hidden pact with Mexico

Dollar, Trump and the presidential race of 2020 in the United States

It should be remembered that Trump is working with regard to the presidential elections by 2020, so it will be careful at every opportunity to strengthen its voter base.

Without giving details, the US president said today that a part of the migration agreement with Mexico, which was announced for the weekend, has not yet been announced.

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As for monetary issues, speculation on Tuesday increased the possibility that the US Federal Reserve reduced the reference rate according to producer prices data, which in May last year rose by 1.8 percent, less than 2.2 percent the previous month.

In this context, the US stock markets closed with a slight decline, Dow Jones, of 0.05 percent; Standard & Poor's, from 0.03%, and Nasdaq, from 0.01%.

Stock markets in the United States have been closed down by loggers. Photo: Reform

The national S & P BMV / IPC index finished with a gain of 0.24 percent, while in Europe the top positions ended with a positive profile, except the IBEX 35 in Spain, which lost 0.13 percent.

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