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The place where the pimples emerge refers to your health

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The pimples This is a common topic in adolescents, however, the appearance after this phase may be a sign of a health problem especially the place where the pimples emerge, is associated with certain causes.Tell us where the pimples come from and we'll tell you why!

According to the Mayo Clinic, acne occurs mainly on the face, forehead, chest, shoulders and upper back. Well in these areas there are fatty glands that produce fat. The black brain is due to the fact that the pores are full of bacteria and fats, which causes this darker tone when in contact with the air.

If you get pimples in this area of ​​the body, this could be the cause:

Pimples on the face

When is pimples They are common in the face can be the subject of food and high carbohydrate content, for example consuming excess bread, flour, potato chips. It can also refer to food, but not to what we spend, but on the environment we are in. Clinic Mayo mentions that fats are concentrated in the environment, for example in the kitchen can cause obstruction of the follicles.

Pimples on the chin

If they get out pimples and pimples in this part of the face, this can be a clear sign of stress, due to hormones that cause the increase of the sebaceous glands and the creation of more sebum.

Pimples on the chest

When is pimples They appear in the neck and sinuses are associated with a change or a hormonal change, because they cause you higher fat production.

Pimples on the back

If it is pimples and pimples They are common in the back and shoulders, a sign of gastrointestinal problems. It is possible that your body sends signals that something does not metabolize food well.

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The place where the pimples appear is related to your health and kindness of iStock

Pimples in the stomach

The granite In the stomach they are associated with excess sugar in the body.

Pimples on the buttocks

Permanent presence pimples or acne in the back is related to poor variation or excessive carbohydrate consumption.

Pimples on your feet

Although the presence pimples or pimples In the legs, this refers to the problems of food allergies or that some of the cosmetic or cleaning products in your clothes cause this reaction.

Now that you know what a possible cause presence of pimples on the body, make a change in your lifestyle to reduce its appearance and go with your doctor to perform a general overview and assess that your body works properly.

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